Announcing the i2Coalition!

This Monday marked the launch of the i2coalition, a group of internet infrastructure providers dedicated to protecting the internet and fostering its growth. Bluehost, through our parent company Endurance International Group, is proud to support this coalition as a founding member.

The Internet Infrastructure coalition (or i2Coalition) got its start in 2011, when many of the founding members coalesced to defeat unwise and intrusive legislation such as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA). Fortunately, through diligent campaigns designed to educate both the public and elected officials, these misguided initiatives were defeated. Now over 40 internet infrastructure providers are teaming up to form a permanent advocacy group designed to promote an open and growing internet.

These infrastructure providers, from web hosts to domain registrars to data centers, are the “nuts and bolts” of the internet. They know first hand how the internet only prospers when the rights of individual users are defended. As a unified voice for public policy and education for the internet industry, the new i2Coalition and its members will help promote and develop market-based standards to drive innovation and openness.

The just-launched i2Coalition website includes specific public policy information, as well as a video by co-founder and Board Chair Christian Dawson outlining the group’s policy priorities and mission.

To learn more about our commitment here at Bluehost, read this post by our very own David Bryson,

Executive Vice President andGeneral Counsel of The Endurance International Group. Mr. Bryson serves on the i2Coalition board and is offering his expertise and guidance to ensure the i2Coalition’s success.

If you share our vision for a prosperous, open internet, show your support today! Like the i2Coalition Facebook page and follow i2Coalition on twitter. And if your company serves in the Internet infrastructure industry, please consider joining the i2Coalition at our membership page.


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