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Exciting news! In November, the Business Intelligence Group (BIG) hosted the BIG Awards for Business. And our new ecommerce solution ‘Online Store + Marketplace’ won! It was named the 2022 New Product of the Year, which is an amazing honor. Read all about it here.

Hosted by the Business Intelligence Group, the awards offer companies the opportunity to be globally recognized. A panel of business veterans and leaders look at companies of every size in all the major industries. And they’re focused on diversity too! The BIG Awards want to increase the exposure for accomplishments by women, small businesses and sustainable companies.

There are three major categories: Organizational Awards, Product Awards, and Individual Awards. A small group of companies, selected by judges, were also named “Finalist” in this year’s award program, including Newfold Digital brand, You can visit BIG’s website for more information.

New Product of the Year

We’re beyond thrilled that our ‘Online Store + Marketplace’ solution won New Product of the Year. Because we built this ecommerce solution to give small businesses a simple and easy way to build an online store. Especially for people with no coding experience. This solution guides you every step of the way while you create your online store. You’ll even be able to manage your inventory across multiple marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy!

Addressing the needs of small businesses

When creating our new ecommerce products, we really wanted to focus on small businesses. People who are looking for an easy selling experience, plus the flexibility and power of WordPress. With our product, it doesn’t matter if you have a lot of experience with ecommerce or none at all.

“Our new solution provides a curated experience. There is a perfect balance between security, reliability and functionality to help small businesses launch and grow their online stores,” said Ed Jay, President of Newfold Digital, the parent company of Bluehost.

An easy selling experience

Many users want the full features of WordPress but struggle with the complexity. That’s why our ecommerce solution is very intuitive. We combined the flexibility of WooCommerce with the simplicity of YITH plugins. You’ll quickly be able to get to work. Don’t believe us? Then believe our setup wizard, who guides you through the store creation process in a few simple steps. It also asks you a few easy questions before you begin the setup process to keep your business’s needs in mind.

With the YITH plugins, you’ll be able to completely personalize and customize your website. You have access to a great selection of plugins, namely: Payment Processing, Gift Cards, Appointment Bookings, Wish Lists, Shipping, Product Search/Filtering, and Customer Account Creation.

Conclusion: an award-winning ecommerce solution

Our new ecommerce product ‘Online Store + Marketplace’ enables you to sell products anywhere and everywhere. This WordPress solution is designed with the perfect mix of guidance, tools, and expertise to elevate and empower your business. In other words: an all-in-one solution. That is why we’re humbled that our product and team’s efforts were recognized as a leading product in the industry.

For more information on the BIG awards, visit BIG’s website. If you want to know more about the ‘Online Store’ and ‘Online Store + Marketplace’ plans, including product features and details, visit

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