It’s Time to Prepare Your Website for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Let’s talk turkey: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a flick of the calendar away. Is your website ready?
With last year’s record-breaking online sales and more than 121 million people planning to shop online on Cyber Monday, you don’t want to miss out on those post-Thanksgiving dollars. Here are three things you can do this month to prepare your small business for holiday shoppers.

Organize Your Strategy

When it comes to holiday promotions, the early bird does get the worm. 
In fact, Google trends reports that many people start searching for Christmas gift ideas in August. And the National Retail Federation reports that the tradition of waiting to shop in-store on Black Friday is evolving. Today 40 percent of consumers start looking for holiday deals as early as Halloween.
Since consumers like to plan and purchase in gifts in advance, you’ll need to start working now if you want a piece of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday pie. Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Create a promotional calendar with all the deadlines and tasks associated producing email campaigns, ads, blog posts, social media updates, and graphics for your website.
  • Make sure your online shopping cart is working properly and that your website can handle an influx of visitors. 
  • Plan out your return policy and procedures in advance, so you don’t run into any hiccups.

The sooner you plan your holiday promotions, the more likely you will be able to pull off a great campaign.

Make Your Site Mobile

Consumers not only like to browse holiday deals on their mobile devices, but they also like to buy on them. In fact, last year online retailers saw a 65 percent increase in purchases made from a mobile device. 
When it comes to sealing the mobile deal, convenience is key. Make sure your customers can either pay with a one-click option (think Amazon), with PayPal, or a simple credit card number when they’re shopping on a phone or tablet.

Prepare Marketing Assets

Pulling off a winning holiday campaign takes time. That’s why it’s important to start divvying out assignments for completion early. Here are a few things you tackle to start driving holiday shoppers to your website.  

  • Landing Pages: The more outstanding landing pages you have, the more consumers are likely to find you and buy. Take the time now to craft promotional landing pages that lead customers to your website.
  • Emails: Did you know that email marketing has the highest conversion rate out of any type of online marketing? Take the time to fine-tune your email marketing strategy and make sure your copy shines. And don’t forget to test your links!
  • Ad CopyWriting converting ad copy is not only an art; it’s a science. It takes time to research keywords and top converting words, write the copy, and test the copy. If you want your Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads to stand out, get your copywriters busy this month.
  • Blog Posts: Producing relevant blog content is one of the best way to improve your SEO results. Don’t miss out on organic traffic by slacking on your content needs.
  • Website Design: Visually let your website visitors know they have an opportunity to take advantage of a blowout sale by sprucing up your graphics for the holidays.

Don’t get bowled over by Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Preparing now for holiday deals is a sure-fire way to gobble up sales in November.

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