Wordfence: Security for your WordPress Site

By now we all know the importance of security when it comes to a website or blog. Attacks and viruses quickly cause visitors to question the legitimacy of your site, hurting your reputation and undoing much of your hard work. Here at Bluehost, our customers often ask us how to help increase security on their WordPress websites and blogs. While there are many great tools available, one great plugin we recommend is called Wordfence.

Available in both free and premium versions, Wordfence is a full-fledged security plugin. It dates back to the TimThumb vulnerability in 2011. After author Mark Maunder had his personal blog hacked via TimThumb, he wanted to find a way to help prevent other WordPress users from suffering his same fate. Maunder teamed up with TimThumb to close the security vulnerability and to create Wordfence to improve WordPress site security overall.

Wordfence includes the following features:

  • WordPress core file integrity verification and repair.
  • Malware, virus, and backdoor scanning.
  • Scanning for known malware URL’s in all your files, comments, pages and posts.
  • A firewall that includes rate limiting, blocking fake Google crawlers, IP whitelisting and IP blocking.
  • Real-time traffic that includes Google Crawlers, RSS feed readers and all other crawlers and bots. (Google Analytics does not include this data.)
  • Commercial grade geolocation for your real-time traffic.
  • Email alerts of warnings and critical problems.
  • Brute force hacking protection.
  • Active support forum and email support for paid customers.
  • Many other features, such as WordPress version hiding, password strength verification, comment impersonation protection.

To keep your site running quickly, Wordfence offloads CPU and memory intensive tasks to the Wordfence cloud scanning servers, powered by Feedjit Inc. Rather than store large data structures in memory, it sends data in secure compressed packets to it’s scanning servers as your security scans run. This reduces memory usage and keeps your site fast and secure.

Click here to learn more about Wordfence and how to install it.

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