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When tragic events take place in the world, creatives are compelled to respond in the only way they know how…through their art. Jennifer Bishop is a multi-disciplinary creative designer who specializes in illustration, animation, digital marketing, and more. As a graphic designer for Harland Clarke she gets to create product designs and photography by day, while freelancing as a creative designer by night with Architette Studios. Her illustrations bring light to the finer details of a subject whether that is sketching the stars above a busy skyline, the shadows of a bow wrapped around an ornament, or drawing the tiny huts of a village in Bora Bora. As an artist, Jennifer has always been motivated to capture the natural elements of the world around us whether that’s a city, object, or animal. 

As the world continues to send aid to Australia, Jennifer was inspired to use her art to bring awareness to the devastation in Australia and motivate her customers to purchase items that would benefit a great cause. Jennifer developed a personal connection to Australia after her sister visited the country a few years ago. “Wildlife has always inspired me, I consider myself a closet ornithologist. The wildlife in Australia has always attracted my attention as an artist because everything is so vibrant and colorful.” As news began to emerge of the bushfire crisis eliminating wildlife and animals, she “was moved to take action.” She decided to donate 50% of all proceeds from the sale of her Australian skyline cards and prints to the World Wildlife Federation- Koala Crisis Fund

Jennifer shared that she chose this specific organization because “when I heard in the news that over 900 million animal lives have been lost – including entire koala communities entirely exterminated by the wildfires – I knew this ultimately meant their environments have been effectively destroyed.The World Wide Federation-Australia branch intends to raise funds for the response and recovery of the habitat for both animals and people. I feel like this is critical for the survival of the species after this devastating impact.”

For every purchase that is made towards an Australian skyline card and print Jennifer will match the proceeds from her personal account and send a monthly donation to the organization for the year. Bluehost is inspired by Jennifer’s generosity and her desire to assist a country that is in dire need of support. She is an excellent example of how you can use the power of your platform, skills, and social media to help others who need it most.

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