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The holiday season is almost upon us! It’s the most wonderful time of year when all businesses shift into high gear.  

Bluehost surveyed hundreds of customers to understand their holiday marketing plans and the results are insightful. The purpose of this research was to highlight the challenges SMBs face during the holidays and potential opportunities. 

What did we learn? 

Due to lack of technical knowledge, time and skills, many business owners did not create a robust holiday marketing plan. But they are ready to invest more into technology that can steer their efforts!  

Challenges faced during holidays

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Holiday Planning 

About 33% of small business owners are unaware of the biggest source of their website traffic. To prepare for holidays, it’s important to understand your customer segment for maximum visibility.  

Holiday Planning

This is the season to be ready, to do something unique and welcome hordes of holiday shoppers to your store. We can help you create a solid marketing plan with easy-peasy tips right here! 

Start with small but meaningful changes this year and watch your sales grow.  

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Preparing your online store for the holiday season is crucial to maximize sales and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Here are some more tips to help you get ready: 

  • Ensure you have enough inventory to meet the increased demand during the holiday season.  
  • Update product descriptions, images and prices. Remember to include any relevant SEO keywords. 
  • Provide personalized gifting options. 
  • Train your customer support team to handle the increased volume of queries and ensure timely responses. 
  • Display trust badges and security certificates to assure customers about the authenticity of your online store. 

Read our related blog to learn more about holiday promotional ideas and how to use holiday season results to prepare for next year.  

As a business owner, if you implement these tips and strategize this season, you can gain an advantage over your competitors. These tips can help you successfully create a memorable holiday shopping experience. 

Bluehost Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals  

Black Friday not only ushers in super deals that can save you a few dollars but also marks a season that is synonymous with special sales from your favorite retailers. 

We’ll feature enchanting deals on our hosting products, plugins, online store plans and more! 

Bluehost BFCM Deals
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Let Bluehost be your co-pilot to help your business thrive and overcome these challenges with speed, ease and guidance through a simplified experience.  

No matter what type of online business you have and the challenges you face, the importance of holiday marketing can’t be understated. Start preparing your retail holiday plans and give your customers a rewarding online experience. By establishing strong workflows, a flexible back end, powerful technology and focused strategies, you can easily scale up your store’s holiday profits!  

Are you ready to sleigh through the holiday season with Bluehost?  

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