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We had a great turnout for our first webinar of the new year, “Take Your Passion Project From Paper, To Online.” We covered the essentials of branding, content strategy, domains, marketing, and more. Attendees were guided through how to build from a scratch and that begins with doing research on potential competitors and your customer base. Once a brand name is established, users should stake their claim on social media and obtain their desired handle names.

Our Public Relations Manager Emily shared how branding and social media work hand in hand and gave an explanation of each social platform. After a user establishes their social media handles, they can begin to create content and marketing strategies for their website. Attendees were also shown how to create their first WordPress page or post and walked through creating category pages for their site.

In case you were unable to catch the webinar live, we compiled some of the most popular questions attendees asked during the duration of the webinar. If you have any additional questions, please let us know in the comments below!

Q: How do you check your branding on the different channels?

Your branding across each channel depends on how many social media accounts you have. When you are checking your branding you want to ensure that your tone, voice, and images are consistent.

Q: How would I create a quiz for my readers to answer?

Quizzes are a great way to engage with people who visit your site. It can help you obtain valuable information for content to create or even gauge how people are experiencing your site. There are free online tools like SurveyMonkey that you can use for your website or plugins like Quiz and Survey Master that you can install on your site.

Q: What are good strategies prior to launching a website to increase traffic when it goes live?

There are a few strategies to keep in mind before your website goes live:

  • Reserve your social media handles
  • Optimize your website for SEO
  • Create your content
  • Build an email/subscriber list to submit to when your website is live

Q: I have a website that highlights book writing and blogging. I also have a dropshipping business. Can I have two different businesses on the same site?

If you have two different businesses we recommend creating different websites. If the businesses directly coincide in relation to each other then you could potentially host them on the same web page, but we recommend having different websites for each business in order to maintain consistent branding and messaging.

Q: How do WordPress categories help my SEO?

A: Categorization allows google to recognize topics a little better. Some categories will naturally carry more SEO value than others because you might write more on the subject, the subject might get more links, etc.

You’ll find some posts in categories that will rank better than posts in other categories. Categories are good at curating topics which makes it easier for visitors…things that make the visitor experience better often improve your standings in Google.

Join us for our next webinar, “How to Use Social Media to Share Your Project” on February 12, 2019, at 1 pm CST.

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