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Last week, we sat down (or rather stood up) with Elisia of Teddy V Pâtisserie based in Austin, Texas. She chatted with us about her business, her pup, Theodore AKA Teddy, and baked cookies with us.

How did you start Teddy Vs?

My best friend Rachel lives in a different city and our favorite thing to do together is to share indulgent treats like coffee, cookies and naps! That’s a solid weekend for us.

I started thinking about a treat I would love to share with Rachel and we found that there was never a chocolate chip cookie big enough for us both. This motivated me to create a huge and delicious cookie for my city, Austin.

Where did you get the name Teddy V?

It’s named after my pup, Theodore. He is a rescue dog!

Theodore, AKA Teddy V

Cookie culture has been on the rise for a few years now, What do you feel makes Teddy V’s unique?

We believe in creating space for joy and celebration for chocolate chip cookies which is shown in our customers and staff. We are open-minded and offer incentives like free delivery with our orders.

There are so many cookie companies out there, I want to make sure I stand out and have that face-to-face time with my customers!

How would you describe your experience as a small business owner?

Teddy V’s is so much more than cookies. It’s been an adventure learning about running a small business and everything that’s involved with it.

Austin has great opportunities for small business owners within the local community, how does Teddy V. get involved?

During election season, we give a free cookie to anyone who brings their “I Voted” sticker in. community is super important to me so I like to get involved!

I love to donate cookies for a cause. Twice a year, on Teddy’s birthday and around Thanksgiving, 100% of our proceeds from the Mueller Market go to K9s for Warriors. They are a group that trains service dogs and matches them with veterans!

What are your long-term goals for Teddy V?

Well, I am moving into a commercial kitchen space soon! And while that brings stress of its own, I am excited about the growth in business. I also aspire to do more catering and one day have more of a friendly employee culture.

What was the hardest part about starting your website?

Installing a theme on WordPress! My friends husband is a developer and he is helping me with my website, but it was very frustrating at the beginning. Luckily, I only have to spend a few hours a week updating my blog and writing new posts.

How did you learn about WordPress and building your business?

I learned a ton on YouTube actually. There are so many videos out there to help you learn to do things in WordPress. Also, I find a lot of information and inspiration through podcasts, workshops, and audiobooks. There are tons of free resources out there!

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