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Style and magic come together for the ultimate experience at The Coop. This play and party space located in Austin, Texas opened in January 2018 and has given a modern twist to the kid centers of yesteryears ever since. The Coop has over 3,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play areas that include comfortable seating, an espresso bar, and an outdoor patio. 

Art and creativity are swirled together in this modern party space that is built for kids and designed for you. We sat down with franchise owner, Tatiana Penney of The Coop in Austin, Texas who shared her passion for creativity, why she loves being an entrepreneur, and how this business transcends the child play palace.

An Idea Worth Sinking Your Teeth Into

Dive into a world of creativity that promotes art, collaboration, with a chic ambiance. When Lucinda Lent and Juliet Boydstun proposed the concept of a stylish children’s party space on Shark Tank in 2016, the sharks went wild. Shark Tank judge Barbara Corocran chose to invest in this tiny tot heaven, and it expanded through franchises in cities like San Francisco, Redondo Beach, and Austin, Texas.

The Coop hit the party circuit in Studio City, California to adapt the children’s play area into a space that could be enjoyed by kids and adults.  This began with a nod to retro games like coloring books, a ball pit, basketball, and wooden toys. The interior and exterior were designed to reduce sensory overload and include toys that stimulated children without overwhelming them. As the company began to gain traction they received media attention from news outlets like US Weekly when celebrities like Julie Bowen and Jennifer Garner became customers.

We’re Movin’ and Groovin’

“I’ve always loved the creative aspects of designing parties and bringing a modern, cool, chic vibe to that environment. The whole concept of The Coop was created by these modern mom’s who provide really cool parties that aren’t an ordinary experience,” Penney recalls as she remembers how she became interested in the business after seeing the Shark Tank episode. 

Penney had previously worked for 9 years in corporate America and decided when her son entered kindergarten that was it was important for her to have flexibility to pick him up after school and establish a home life.

Penney cites that prior to The Coop or her former position, she always had an interest in creating. She used to draw inspiration from websites like Pinterest and Etsy and would use those ideas to help plan her friend’s baby showers and birthday parties. When she decided to open up her own business, she was provided with the balance she wanted between her passions and her family. 

She attributes working with great employees she refers to as “hidden gems,” who have been consistent and helpful in making The Coop a success. Having employees she could rely on and trust provided her with the flexibility to manage her pregnancy and home life. “At the end of the day, I find am empowered that I’ve been able to strike a balance between my goals and the future I create for me and my incoming child.”

Classic Touches With Modern Flair

When you walk into The Coop you are greeted with disco balls, a balloon house, modern furniture and large ball pit adorned with an orange spiral slide. The company prides itself on a stress free atmosphere that supports a child’s imagination and creativity. Adults can sit back and enjoy complimentary features like free wifi, magazines, and an espresso bar. Wood paneling, books, and a reading nook are incorporated to create a quiet and relaxing environment for kids who want to have storytime. There are no limits to what your child can create in this playland that will have them coloring a work of art or building a campfire in a teepee.

Despite being apart of a franchise, Penney has enjoyed that each individual store is given the versatility to reflect the interests of their respective communities. “We always push for out of the box and unique ideas which is a creative freedom I’ve grown to enjoy. I’ve always loved going above and beyond to give people that wow factor that they weren’t expecting. I also get a lot of inspiration from the original store in L.A. where these ladies create beautiful ideas and vision boards that keep me pushing myself to the next level.”

Party at the Coop

For customers wanting to host a party at The Coop, they’re given the option to choose from different themes that range from dinosaur, fireman, pirates, racecar and more. The theme ideas reflect the creativity and artistic flair that sets this party space apart from the rest. Birthday parties on the weekend are the most popular feature of The Coop, where Penney states she quickly realized that even though guests can bring in their own items to decorate the party, most people prefer “to have everything set up and show up.”

“The working moms and parents don’t have the time to run around and grab all the miscellaneous items they need to set up at a party, so we’re happy to provide everything.” Whether you’re hosting a baby shower, school event, fundraiser, or cocktail party, The Coop will help provide a memorable experience that you and your guests will never forget.

“One of my favorite things is that local bloggers like to contact us for events because the space is also designed for adults. It’s very instagrammable where people can come and take pictures and then they post the content to their social media which has helped us to garner referrals and organically grow,” Penney gleefully exclaims. Customers are also given party package options that incorporate gift bags, pizza, additional decorations, and healthy snacks like fruit platters.

A Website That is a Slam Dunk

The Coop’s website brings all the flair and fun of the space to your home. Visitors are greeted by their signature logo that is centered on a deep orange background at the top of their screen. Rotating slides with pictures of the play space and whimsical videos highlight smiling faces and dreamy parties that will make you nostalgic for cake and ice cream. You can click between options that invite you to party, play, or shop their classic decor to host your bring The Coop to the comforts of your home.

Whether you’re hosting a Star Wars-themed party or building blocks, playtime just got a lot cooler. Visit The Coop in Austin, Texas for a day you won’t forget.



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