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Balance is the key to happiness at The Protein Bakery. Protein Bakery owner Stephen Lincoln has been transforming everyday baked goods into a sweet, but nutritious snack since 1999. After experiencing an 82-pound weight loss, Stephen decided he wanted to combine his love of fitness and passion for baking by creating a business where smart snacking could help keep customers on track with their goals. Whether it’s a double dose of cookies, soft brownie, or fresh-baked cake, Stephen has continued to reinvent classic baked goods with protein goodness that has catapulted his brand into an international sensation.

The #ProteinRevolution is Underway

Starting a #proteinrevolution began with creating the product, establishing the business, and then receiving sparkling endorsements from Oprah Winfrey, Bobby Deen, Rachel Ray, and Dr.Oz. As the world of health and fitness continues to grow, Stephen wanted to ensure that Protein Bakery remained transparent about their recipes and how the food is prepared. “Everything I do is extremely visual,” Stephen shared during our interview during Bluetopia in New York City. His keen eye for design was integral to how he constructed his NYC store which is adorned with nutritional labels at the forefront and ceiling of the store.

“My store is on 19th street, just east of 7th avenue here in New York City and I really wanted it to be my website and my brand come to life. When a customer walks into the store, I wanted it to feel like they are walking into the website, the logo, and experience an environment that smells good and makes you want to buy everything.” When you visit their vibrant site, customers not only get to shop for their favorite treats, but view the ingredients for each individual item. The decadent treats are front and center on rotating slides that highlight the different packing options and gift sets you can treat yourself or a friend too. Customers can take a stroll “Inside The Kitchen,” where Stephen shares updates on new recipes coming to the page and provides customers feedback through their “taste-a-monials.”

A Spoonful of Protein and a Dash of Sugar

The secret to these baked goodies is muscle-building whey protein concentrate that helps keep you fuller faster and prevents a spike in blood sugar which keeps your body in balance. “I’m about taste. This has been my philosophy since day one, everyone deserves a cookie and you should enjoy what you’re eating. If you enjoy the brownie and it tastes really good, I guarantee you won’t eat the whole box,” Stephen states as he describes how he decided on his unique flavor combinations for his enticing treats. 

When you combine the protein with rolled oats and gourmet accents like brown sugar, peanut butter, walnuts, cranberries, coconut, you have a recipe for success. Each batch of baked goods are prepared to be trans-fat free, gluten-free, preservative-free, fiber-rich, and wheat flour-free in a certified KOF-K- Kosher kitchen. Customers also have the option to heat their treat in a microwave for 5-10 seconds for a classic “fresh from the oven taste,” or save them by freezing them for up to 3 months.

Indulging Your Sweet Tooth In a Smart Way

Protein Bakery wants to help satisfy a customer’s sweet tooth by allowing them the freedom to enjoy a vast array of sweet treats with naturally delicious snack options. Each baked good has several flavors to choose from like a breakfast cookie, low sugar almond brownie, lemon white chip blondie, along with vegan or keto options. Customers can customize orders by creating gift boxes, gift bags, gift tins, or ordering their favorite flavors in bulk. Providing accessibility for anyone to enjoy Protein Bakery is reflected in the ordering options whether you visit the flagship store in NYC, place an order for same-day delivery with uber eats, postmates, or order online through their website. 

The Protein Bakery has continued the #proteinrevolution by providing customers with healthy options for their sweet tooth. Stephen’s passion for health and baking has created the ultimate treat which expanded globally with every new cookie and blondie that is baked in the kitchen. Baking with balance and creativity has created a set of indulgent treats that are worth sinking your teeth into.



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