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Business success depends on turning visitors into customers. A first step to converting your visitors into customers is creating a website that is optimized for lead generation. This is a marketing tool for attracting potential buyers and building long-term relationships with people who are genuinely interested in the products or services you’re offering. Lead generation strategies are many and varied, depending on the goals you have in mind—and the best WordPress themes for lead generation include all the tools you need for capturing leads and boosting conversions on your hosted WordPress website.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is just a marketing term for the simple goal of attracting people interested in your product or service with the hope of turning them into paying consumers. That goal can be accomplished in a number of different ways, and it’s possible to generate leads for a variety of different purposes, including:

  • Building an email list – Capturing visitors email addresses in exchange for a free item.
  • Creating a landing page – Directing visitors to a distraction-free page to make a sale or sign-up.
  • Offering a “lead magnet” – Giving visitors a free item in exchange for an email address.
  • Creating and managing forms – Designing and placing contact, opt-in, and other contact forms to capture emails and manage lists.
  • Marketing with content – Building authority and ranking high in organic searches with quality content.
  • Adding Calls to Action – Inviting visitors to take a specific action such as clicking a link on a buy button or leaving an email address.

These and other niche specific strategies can be mixed and matched to create an effective lead generation strategy that makes a WordPress website work for your business around the clock. A website optimized for lead generation should be mobile-friendly, rich in quality content, and stocked with tools to accomplish the site’s key goals: to sell products and services, capture email addresses to build a list, attract subscribers to a newsletter, or any other outcome that serves the site’s core mission. And, as always with a WordPress site, there’s a theme for that.

WordPress Lead Generation Themes: Designed for Conversions

WordPress is a versatile and flexible platform that can be customized to meet just about any need. WordPress is home to pre-made templates and elegant themes that are fully responsive. Most WordPress themes designed for general use can be configured for lead generation, either with features built into the theme itself or with the addition of plugins for specific functions such as adding landing pages or creating popups, without making your site less responsive. WordPress themes that are specifically tailored for lead generation and other marketing purposes have been designed to include a set of essential tools for optimizing your WordPress website for lead generation campaigns of all kinds.

WordPress themes for lead generation are available in both free and premium versions from developers around the world. These themes include features such as multiple landing page templates, support for a variety of contact and opt-in forms, social media sharing tools, and gateways for managing subscriptions or online courses. Here’s a look at five of the most popular—and most adaptable—premium WordPress lead generation themes available today made with responsive design.


LeadX is an all-purpose theme with a landing page design that includes a comprehensive set of conversion related features. Like many premium WordPress lead generation themes, LeadX comes with a set of pre-made landing page demos built to accommodate a wide range of projects and business types for promoting both products and services. This theme also includes lead generation forms for collecting email addresses and a variety of call to action buttons that can be inserted at any point in the site’s sales funnel. 


GetLeads is a full-featured lead generation theme that comes with landing page designs and a large library of mix and match page sections and elements for completely customizing the site. GetLeads includes a large library of shortcodes for inserting lead generation elements seamlessly into website pages, along with a large collection of forms, sliders, and call to action buttons and banners. Like all the top WordPress themes for lead generation, GetLeads is mobile friendly.

Landing Pages

As its name indicates, the Landing Pages theme is dedicated to the standalone single pages that are designed to accomplish a single goal: get an email address or make a sale. With multiple landing page templates to choose from, the Landing Pages theme also includes features such as a variety of call to action buttons, payment gateways, and tools for social sharing.


With 13 landing page-style homepage WordPress templates, LandKit allows site owners in fields of all kinds to customize landing pages for things like webinars, events, subscriptions, and professional consultations. LandKit features a wide range of customization options for integrating it into a website’s overall design and is optimized for mobile viewing on very small screens.


Designed with email marketing in mind, GrowTheme is a full-featured theme that includes tools aimed at building and managing an email list. GrowTheme offers a variety of marketing tools for capturing email addresses with opt-in forms, creating and managing newsletter subscriptions, and more. GrowTheme also includes a variety of call to action buttons and multiple options for offering lead magnets in response to an opt-in.

Lead generation is a key to prospering in the online marketplace, and a WordPress theme designed for that purpose can make it easy to optimize a website for capturing visitors’ attention—and email addresses. These top performing lead generation themes aren’t free, but they come equipped with all the tools you need for making your WordPress website work harder for your business.

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