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2021 has been a busy year for Twitter. Starting in April 2021, Twitter announced its Professional Profiles feature for businesses, freelancers and influencers. 

Since then, Twitter has introduced more changes to the platform, making it easier for businesses to reach customers and friends to express their feelings more accurately.

We’ll go over the major changes Twitter’s been rolling out and how you can use them to drive traffic to your website.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Twitter Means Business

Communities Will Compete With Facebook Groups

Reactions and Bot Identification

Final Thoughts: Twitter Professional Profiles, Communities and More Updates

Twitter Means Business

Twitter’s new professional profiles help business users share their information with customers
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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted the platform has been slow to change. The company has finally decided to address these issues, and 2021 has seen many new features added.

Among them stands out two business-oriented features, Professional Profiles and Shopping Modules. These features will be excellent for anyone conducting business on the platform.

Professional Profiles

Professional Profiles have a more detailed about section with multiple calls to action (CTA) available. You can list your business address with directions, phone number and hours of operation.

These profile options are available for both businesses and creators, but only those based in the U.S. can apply. Twitter’s Business website has more details on who is eligible.

Remember, you can still link to your website on your Twitter profile no matter what kind of account you have.

Due to the distinction and more precise formatting, these profile options will make it easier for consumers to find contact information.

Twitter’s Shop Module

Twitter launched its Shop Module in July 2021. This invite-only program is looking to connect stores with their customers in a new way. The goal is to provide a place where users can go from discussing products to buying them.

Just keep in mind that Twitter will not process any payments. Purchases go through to the brand’s website, so make sure you prepare by having WooCommerce or another e-commerce platform ready.

You can also look forward to listing items for sale on Twitter in the future. In the meantime, Shopping Modules will help you with marketing and building brand awareness.

Communities Will Compete With Facebook Groups

Twitter communities’ beta launched with invite-only groups for the time being. Twitter created these spaces to encourage group discussions on a specific topic. Current communities range from cryptocurrency to skincare.

These are similar to public Facebook groups where anyone can read the community’s content. However, contributions are limited to its members.

Moreover, all communities have moderators who help direct the flow of the conversation. They keep discussions on topic and make sure users follow the rules.

Reactions and Bot Identification

Twitter reactions are currently being tested in Turkey
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Another Facebook favorite, reactions, are currently being tested in Turkey. These emojis let users react to tweets in a more nuanced way. Tweets in your stream will display the reactions of other users.

In addition, Twitter is also working harder to identify bots. Content created by automatic accounts will now display a clear “automated” note.

While bots can be helpful with news updates, there has been pushback on how fake accounts have driven trending tweets. This feature should help users identify accounts easier.

Final Thoughts: Twitter Professional Profiles, Communities and More Updates

When a stable platform like Twitter decides to introduce so many changes, it can seem overwhelming. Many of these features are very new, and it’s hard to tell how they will work once they become more widely available.

Still, these new features are promising.

Professional Profiles will be great for website owners who want to reach a wider audience. The shopping modules will be another channel for e-commerce stores to explore as well. It’ll be effective as an addition to a dedicated storefront.

Features like communities, bot identification and reactions will enhance that sense of community the platform is known for.

While we wait for more updates on Twitter’s new features, ensure your website is ready for the increased traffic it’ll provide by backing it with a reliable hosting solution.

What do you think about Twitter’s new features? Let us know by dropping a comment below or tweeting @Bluehost.

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