Bluehost OSCON 2014 Recap

If we look forward to one thing each year it’s spending time with our awesome friends and partners at OSCON in Portland every summer. At Bluehost, we work closely with our partners to help build and grow the open source community.  This year we were able to join with, PhpBB, WordPress, MOJO Marketplace, and Concrete 5.  We had a great time manning the booth and talking to everyone who stopped by!

OSCON Partners 2014

Open Source Community

Bluehost has long been a supporter of open source technology – it’s in the fabric of everything we do. Our technology is built on it, we partner with leading open source projects, and our customers rely on and use open source software and solutions to power their websites, businesses, and more. That’s why we continue to sponsor and show up to OSCON year after year. We believe in open source, and for that reason we are always committed to giving back to the open source community.

oscon floor

Supporting nonprofits

This year our main message at OSCON was the importance of nonprofits and how their success is pushed forward with the power of the web and open source tools. At the keynote address on Tuesday, Bluehost COO James Grierson and our close friend Ray Henderson talked about the partnership between Bluehost and and what it means to the open source community.

James Grierson and Ray Henderson at OSCON is an organization devoted to providing free resources for nonprofits and charities to help them succeed.  Our partnership with helps us put the power and promise of the web in the hands of people who make a difference. Check out the video and visit to learn more.

Learning through open source technology

OSCON held hundreds of sessions going deep into technical skills, new features and applications, and best practices.  Some of our very own Bluehost experts had the opportunity to contribute to these sessions. Here’s James Lance showing us how CGI can be a valuable method to generate dynamic content on your web page.

james lance

Fun and Games

What’s OSCON without a little fun? In keeping with tradition, we brought our ping pong table along and challenged all who came by our booth.. We even convinced Tim O’Reilly to play!

Tim O'Reilly

Dan Handy Caricature

Portland Waterfront Sunset


We learned a lot at this year’s OSCON and hope we can see everyone in 2015!  Want to learn more or weren’t able to make it this year? Visit for more conference highlights, photos, videos and more!