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Video is a great way to enhance your website, especially if you’re a business. But even the most viral video is wasted if it doesn’t encourage people to take some form of action. We’ve found a new tool that makes calls-to-action even better: Viewbix. It overlays calls to action right onto your video making them super accessible to your viewers as they watch your content. Read on to learn more! 
If you run a business, chances are you’ve at least considered using video to enhance your website. After all, video is a fun, immersive medium that engages prospective customers in a way mere words and pictures cannot. But even the most viral video doesn’t necessarily lead to more customers. The trick is to create engaging content that also includes a compelling call to action. This means you need to ask the viewer to do something, whether it be buying a product, calling a sales agent, ordering a free trial, or simply signing up for your newsletter.
Those who have created a video will agree, good calls-to-action are often more art than science. But this is in part because video itself  can’t contain the actual action item…it can only refer to it. After all, the video is just that, a video. Calls-to-action are executed in other places like forms, buttons, shopping carts, surveys, etc… So even if you have a super compelling call-to-action in your video, viewers still have to leave and go perform the action somewhere else. Well, not any more!
We recently discovered a new tool called Viewbix. It lets you overlay any video with all kinds of calls-to-action, including buttons, text, links to external website, email submission forms, and more. It even lets you embed the weather!

 Basically Viewbix helps with a big chunk of this equation, and it does so more than anything we’ve recently found. So if you’re creating video content for your website, consider how much more effective it would be with super clear calls-to-action that live right in the video itself.
And one other big benefit: with Viewbix enabled, you can embed your video ANYWHERE without having to worry about placing adjacent action items on the same page. After all, the call to actions are now part and parcel of the video player itself! You can even share your video and your action items follow right along with it!
If you’re interested in learning more about Viewbix, you can visit their website. Also, we’ve decided to run a FREE live webinar today (12pm MST) to show you how it works and how it can help your videos be much more effective. Sign up now so you don’t miss out!

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