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We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Surprisingly, we don’t apply that knowledge to improve the quality of our small business websites. Not only do images say more than words, in many cases they are much better at communicating emotion, setting a mood or delivering a message. There’s a huge array of visual elements to work with; photos, video, illustrations, charts, infographics all have a place and can help you bring your small business story to life.  

Great photography

We’re all walking around with amazing cameras in our phones and yet somehow still seem to struggle to find decent images to use in our small business marketing and  websites. Even if you’re not the DIY photography type there are dozens of stock art websites that offer a huge selection of reasonably priced images. There are also sites like Twenty20 if you have something more specific in mind but would like to explore alternative sources. Regardless of the source you leverage, spend some time to make sure your site provides powerful, relevant images to help bring your message to life.

Video is the new black

Video is quickly becoming a must-have communications tool for marketers of all sizes. Again, the solution may be as close as your smartphone. It’s easy to shoot a basic overview or introduction video on your phone, edit together with one of the many video editing software packages and have something ready to add to your website or blog.  
Video is typically more engaging than still images, makes it easier for your to allow your business personality to come through and can make it easier to explain products in more detail or in a more interesting style. Not every video is intended to be the next viral sensation and attempting to create something viral is almost a sure bet it won’t be. There is value in smart, basic, relatively simple video so don’t be afraid to experiment.  

Charts and graphs

Who wants to see charts and graphs? Well, it turns out a lot of people love information presented in a visual format. This can work no matter who your customers are. Maybe you showcase the savings your product or service creates or the performance increase of your product versus a competitor? Simple, but intuitive graphics can help you communicate in a focused, visual style that can much greater impact.    
Up your marketing game by using more and better photographs, utilizing video and testing out some graphics.

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