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I write and curate content for Bluehost. I hope this blog post is helpful.
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We’re thrilled to announce our new official blog!
Don’t worry, this isn’t your typical corporate blog. Bluehost has always been committed to two things: industry-leading technology and mind-blowing customer service. Our blog will be no different.
Internet technology changes fast and getting online is hard enough without having to worry about keeping up with every new thing. But we do this for a living! So now we have another great tool where we can share our web hosting know-how and expertise.
Real-life Bluehost team members will be posting on everything under the web hosting sun, from tips on great WordPress plugins to advanced server optimization secrets. And everything is sortable on the left. Just jump to what matters to you.
We want to help our clients succeed in any way we can. And as an active member of the online and open source community we’re always looking for ways to give back. Our blog joins our new YouTube Channel and social media pages (on Facebook, Twitter, & Google+) as means to reach out and make a difference. We know more about web hosting than anyone and we’re excited to have new places where we can share.
Stay tuned, there’s lots of great stuff just around the corner. Just one more reason it’s better at Bluehost.

Dan Handy
p.s. Share your thoughts & feedback with us at [email protected]!

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