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In December 2018 the new WordPress editor was launched and we’ve been on cloud nine ever since. There are several dynamic ways to use the editor which is designed to enable rich media pages and posts. As users have been upgrading their sites, they are discovering the amazing ways to create content that their visitors enjoy. Whether you’re loving the blocks or custom page layouts, the new editor has tons of features we’re over the moon for.

While there are countless reasons we’ve fallen hard for the new editor, here are our three favorite ways to use it for creating our content.

1.) Teamwork Makes The Content Work

Two heads can be better than one, and the new editor makes collaborative editing easier when you are working with other people. The new editor allows for multiple contributors to work on the same post at the same time without interrupting each other. This can help minimize the time it takes for several people to write or edit content on the site.

2.) Creating a Call-To-Action is Easy Peasy

Nothing will make your heart pitter-patter more than seeing a perfectly crafted call-to-action button on your website. CTA’s allow you to guide your audience towards a specified action on your page. These have become staples of encouraging users to engage with your brand or business. The new editor gives you the ability to create custom call-to-actions—or CTA’s—within a post.

By adding the Button block, you can choose from multiple different styles for your button.

These buttons can be used to lead a website viewer to make a purchase, to subscribe, or even to click to view or read more. The versatility of creating a CTA allows the user to have complete control over how they want to guide users on their site.

Users have the ability to change the color, placement, and alignment of these buttons as well. Within the block settings, users will even be notified if a color combination is not readable for people with accessibility needs. These customization features are excellent for creating a CTA that integrates seamlessly into your site with your token brand or business colors.

3.) Transforming The Blocks

The power of the new editor is that you’re not limited to creating one set of content within a post. You have the option to transform and configure the blocks and modify certain block settings such as alignment, image editing, formatting, and more.

For example, within the Image block, users are given the choice to transform the block to a Gallery, Cover, or other blocks. The options shown will depend on the options defined by that given block.

Changing the Image block to a gallery could be beneficial if you have more than one image to display together. This gallery feature allows you to showcase your work in a clean format; without having to adjust the code.

Are you jumping for joy over these features? While the new editor has transformed the way WordPress users create content, it is just the first phase of many exciting features coming to the platform. In the words of Frank Sinatra, “the best is yet to come,” and the second phase is underway. This will bring the editor to even more areas of your website!

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