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If you joined us for our WordPress Themes: Understanding How To Design Your Website webinar, we covered all the ins and outs of what a theme does for a WordPress website. Our presenters discussed theme options, selecting a theme, installing and activating a theme, and how to customize a theme using a tagline or logo. Attendees were able to watch Core Developer Dave Ryan walk through a demo of designing content in the editor with blocks and how to use the many block options to add style to their site.

As the questions poured in from attendees we were able to walk through several demonstrations that ranged from changing the font size to creating and arranging menu options. Our attendees were eager to learn about the functions of themes and how they can improve their site experience by selecting appealing and dynamic themes for visitors. It was very exciting to get into the specificity of all the theme options and how a user can truly personalize a theme to meet their needs.

In case you were unable to catch the webinar live, we compiled some of the most popular questions attendees asked during the duration of the webinar. If you have any additional questions, please let us know in the comments below!

How do you create the secondary menu?

Choose the option to add another menu and then choose the order and submenus under Appearance > Menus

How do I know what images I can safely delete from my media library?

You will need to know whether or not they are being used on a blog or post.

If I created pages and contents on the default theme, how do I automatically transfer them to the installed theme?

If the new theme does not support the same pages, the content would have to be moved over manually. If you have a developer, I would have them manage this for you.

If I change themes, does it always affect plugins and content?

Potentially. We would suggest setting this up in staging before putting it live in production.

Is there a way to test out a theme prior to making it live on your site?

Yes, through a staging environment or in Preview mode for the new theme.

How can we set up a staging environment?

If you created your account with us after July 2017, you are able to create a staging environment by clicking on the Bluehost plugin on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

If you do not see this option, please follow the below instructions.

  • Download the plugin from here:
  • Click on “Plugins”, then “Add New”
  • Click on “Upload Plugin”
  • Select the plugin zip file and upload to the WordPress site
  • Activate the plugin
  • Login to your WordPress site via WordPress Tools from the Bluehost cPanel

If I haven’t installed a theme where is my content?

If you do not install a theme, you are using the default theme

Why would you want more than one theme installed?

If you want to change it and/or move to a different theme in the future or if you have an older theme that you’ve used. That theme will still be installed, but will not be active.

Where do we find the ratings and reviews for a particular theme?

The ratings and reviews for a theme are located to the right of theme underneath the stars

I currently have Bluehost. Can I change my theme without losing what I’ve already created on my pervious theme?

You absolutely can, but I would suggest testing it first before activating it. Some themes do not support the same pages and content could still potentially be lost.

I want a site with bright colors such as light, yellow, orange, green, blue. Are these color available on the different themes?

You can install a theme and work with the customization options to add those colors or use the search field within the themes to populate “Colorful themes,”

Check out the slide deck for the presentation here.

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  1. Hi, I enjoyed the webinar and got some useful information from it, but I’m a bit frustrated by the instructions above to do with staging. I followed the directions for installing the Plugin but once I got to the last instruction “Login to your WordPress site via WordPress Tools from the Bluehost cPaneI” I was confused. I got onto the correct page but then didn’t know what to do. I installed the MOJO Marketplace plugin, was that right? It doesn’t seem to indicate any more instructions about staging. Please help!

    • Desiree Johnson, Content Specialist Reply

      We’re happy to assist you with staging, please contact our customer assistance via phone 888-401-467 or chat Have a great day!


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