WordPress Hosting Prices

WordPress is the most popular site builder and content management system in the world, with over 23 billion page views on WordPress sites every month. One reason for the popularity of WordPress is that it is completely free to download and install on a variety of platforms.

Because WordPress can be used in so many different hosting environments, the price for WordPress hosting can range from less than $5 per month for shared hosting to several hundred dollars for fully managed hosting. Between those two extremes lies a variety of hosting packages offering varying combinations of services and customer support, so that there is a hosting price to suit the needs of users ranging from personal bloggers to large corporations.

WordPress Hosting Options

WordPress is a fully functional content management system, or CMS, that allows users of all levels of expertise to launch and manage a website. For those without site development training and expertise, WordPress can be installed with “one-click,” and customized from a host’s control panel with any of the thousands of premium and free themes available from WordPress itself and a long list of third-party developers. And, for site owners with web design and development experience, WordPress also allows for advanced customization and control. This versatility and flexibility make it possible to include WordPress in hosting environments of all kinds – and to allow for a range of hosting packages and prices to meet a wide range of user needs.

Shared WordPress Hosting – Affordable Options for Small Sites

Shared WordPress hosting puts web hosting within the reach of nearly everyone, with hosting prices that can start as low as $3 to $5 per month on initial promotions. Once the promotional period ends, standard hosting prices generally apply, but those prices can still remain under $20 per month on many large hosting platforms.

For these providers, WordPress is just one of many platforms users can install with a new account – and, since it’s free to use, no additional fees apply. In this kind of hosting environment, a site powered by WordPress shares space on a common server used by hundreds, or potentially thousands, of sites using not only WordPress but also the many other available site builders. This allows providers to offer a basic plan at very low prices.

A shared WordPress hosting solution is not for everyone. Because all sites on a shared server have to share the server’s resources equally, a site that uses more of those resources can cause neighboring sites to run slowly. Security measures may be skimpy and poorly implemented, too. The lack of WordPress specific features and support can also mean that users are not likely to get assistance from the support team for WordPress related problems. But, for smaller sites and new users who are establishing an online presence, shared WordPress hosting can be an affordable and convenient option.

Scaling Shared WordPress Hosting

For users who want more features than the basic low cost service can offer, some shared WordPress hosting providers may also offer tiered service packages for higher prices. That can include WordPress-specific hosting within the shared environment so that WordPress sites share space on a dedicated server optimized for WordPress performance.

Managed WordPress Hosting – More Features at Higher Prices

Managed WordPress hosting is an option offered either by general hosting providers who also have a separate hosting optimized for WordPress, or by hosts that are dedicated exclusively to WordPress websites. Depending on the level of hosting and the types of features a user needs, both options can provide support and services that are specifically designed to accommodate the features and functions of WordPress.

WordPress hosting on a general hosting site typically features a set of shared servers that are optimized specifically for WordPress. This allows for faster performance and enhanced security for WordPress sites at costs that can be three to four times higher than a basic shared hosting plan – between $10 and $25 per month for a basic package that can include features such as a free registered domain name and Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This kind of hosting can also be scaled to include additional features in higher-priced plans.

Some hosting providers offer WordPress hosting exclusively, with a long list of optional features that can be combined to create customized packages that can meet the needs of larger, more complex sites. This kind of managed WordPress hosting is optimized to support all the features of WordPress design and development so that websites load faster and can accommodate higher traffic volumes than typical shared hosting environments that distribute server resources over a much larger number of sites running on different platforms available through the host.

Managed hosting from a dedicated WordPress provider also includes enhanced security features for protection against both general and WordPress-specific threats. Security monitoring, upgrades, and patches are carried out automatically by the web host as part of the dedicated hosting contract. And, with a focus exclusively on WordPress, the host’s technical and customer support representatives are specialists, specifically trained to offer in-depth solutions to users’ questions and concerns. Depending on the level of service, this kind of web host can also take complete ownership of managing the site, which includes handling all technical and maintenance issues such as upgrades and site security monitoring.

Scaling Managed WordPress Hosting

This kind of full-service managed WordPress hosting typically comes at a higher price than shared hosting or packages offered by general hosting providers, but a basic plan can be fairly comparable to the higher tiers of those types of services, starting at $25 to $30 per month. The “concierge” services of managed WordPress hosting plans can range into hundreds per month with the addition of selected available features and expanded involvement of the hosting provider in general site management.

A Price to Suit Every WordPress Website

The spectrum of available WordPress hosting options not only allows new users to establish an online presence but also provides scalable solutions for growth over time. From low-cost shared hosting of a free WordPress install to fully managed hosting that includes enhanced security and WordPress specific optimization, there’s a WordPress hosting solution that can fit just about any budget.

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