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Adding a column to a database table in phpMyAdmin

This article demonstrates how to add a column to a database table in phpMyAdmin.

  1. Log in to your Bluehost Account Manager.
  2. Click the Hosting  tab from the side navigation menu to the left.
  3. Scroll down to click the CPANEL button under Quick Links.
  4. Under the Database section, select phpMyAdmin.
  5. Select the database you wish to work with (listed in the left column when you first access phpMyAdmin).
  6. If your table does not exist yet, add a table first.
  7. Click on the table you want to work with, which will take you to the list of columns in the table.
  8. In the tabs above, select Structure.
  9. Underneath the list of columns, where it says "add 1 column(s)" click the Go button to add 1 column.
  10. Define the column by entering the following information:
    • Name the Column.
    • Select the Type of data the column will hold.  Some common types include:
      • INT = Integer (a number without a decimal point)
      • CHAR = Characters (can hold text up to a specific length)
      • VARCHAR = Variable Length Characters (a text field that is not a fixed-width).
      • TEXT = For holding large amounts of text.
      • DATE = Can only hold dates.
      • DATETIME = Can hold both a date and a time.
      • (See the MySQL Data Types article for more options.)
    • Define the Length/Values if required.  For example, the CHAR type will require you to specify the maximum number of characters allowed.
    • The other fields are optional.
  11. Click on the Save button when complete.

If successful, a message will appear stating your table was altered successfully, and your new column will appear in the list of columns.

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