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Cobiro: Search Campaigns

This article has been deprecated.
Cobiro is no longer available with Google Ads. Please see Google Ads for more information.

How do they work?

After setting up your account, we will create two campaigns associated with your landing page.

  1. The first campaign works with keywords using the match options broad match modifier and phrase match.
  2. The second campaign is based on the exact match option.

In combination, these two campaigns allow us to experiment with various permutations of keywords to gain relevant information on their performance and bidding results.

We gather data to analyze the traffic environment and use our insights to constantly optimize your campaign configuration to achieve the best possible results.
Both campaigns have the same geo-targeting, and you can add call extensions to both campaigns. We use one shared budget (your “daily budget”) and allocate the budget across your two Search campaigns.

Can I choose or change my keywords?

When you choose your marketing solution, we will suggest a list of keywords to you based on the analysis of your landing page.
You can choose the suggested keywords and/or manually add your own keywords to build your campaigns.
After your setup, you can always manually edit, add or remove keywords and our system will consider each of your changes for later campaign optimization.

Are my Search campaigns updated with the latest changes in my website content?

As of now, we can not automatically detect changes in your website content to continuously adjust your Search campaigns. If you make significant changes to your website content which is important to your advertising, we recommend creating a new campaign based on your latest website content.

Why do my campaigns only run with Manual Cost-per-Click bidding?

When we create your campaigns, they are automatically set at Manual Cost-per-Click (CPC) bidding because our self-learning algorithm only works in this setting.

Manual CPC bidding gives our system the control to adjust the bids for each of your keywords. Every new bid provides us with valuable information on how to further improve your campaign performance. Choosing another bidding strategy would take away the bidding control from us and we could not optimize your ads anymore

Do my Search campaigns measure conversions?

We don't set up a conversion tracker for Search campaigns.

  • If you already have a conversion tracker in place, it will also cover the conversions from your campaigns based on the actions you have defined as conversions.
  • If you don't have a conversion tracker implemented but you want to track and measure your conversions, you need to manually set up a conversion tracking in Google Ads.
It is up to you to decide which customer actions you define as a conversion and want to track. Click here to learn more about how to set up your conversion tracker.