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What to Know About Data Deletion Timeframes


When it comes to hosting accounts, it is crucial to ensure that you have backup copies of all your content. Let's take a look at the following policies for Shared Hosting, and VPS and Dedicated Accounts in terms of the Data Deletion Timeframes.

Shared Hosting Accounts

Upon termination of the Services for any reason, Subscriber Content, Subscriber Websites, and other data will be deleted. You are solely responsible for maintaining backup copies of all Subscriber Content, Subscriber Websites, and other data. Bluehost is not responsible for the loss of any Subscriber Content. It is essential that Subscribers backup files offline, even if Subscribers purchase or have products, such as Site Backup and Restore.

VPS and Dedicated Accounts

Upon termination of the VPS or Dedicated Hosting services for any reason, access to your cPanel account will be restricted for a period of approximately seven (7) days. And you will not be able to log into your cPanel account. If the account has not been renewed after eight (8) days following expiration, the server will be suspended for approximately thirteen (13) days. Dedicated servers that have invoices outstanding for more than twenty-one (21) days may be subject to being reclaimed, which will result in the loss of all data on the server. Bluehost is not responsible for any loss of data resulting from such deletion.

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