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Enabling two-factor authentication on your Maestro account

Two-factor authentication helps increase the security of your Maestro account. You can select between two different authentication methods.  

Continue reading to learn how this works. 

Getting Started

Please follow these steps to enable two-factor authentication for your Maestro account:  

  1. On your Maestro dashboard's top right corner, click the profile icon.
  2. From the drop-down box, choose Account Settings.
  3. Select Security and then Two-Factor Authentication from the menu that appears.
  4. You can improve the security of your Maestro account and better safeguard your personal information by turning on two-factor authentication. 
  5. Click on the Security tab.
  6. Look for the option to turn on Two-factor Authentication. 
  7. Click on Get Started when you see the banner. google-register-new-site-form
  8. You must enter your password after turning on two-factor authentication to continue. 

Note: Only when you verify your email address will two-factor authentication be enabled. If not, you can enable two-factor authentication after checking your email address. 

Enabling Google Authenticator

You can select between Google Authenticator and email as your two-factor authentication method when you enable it. We advise using Google Authenticator for increased security.  

  1. Simply choose Google Authenticator from the list of options and click Next to enable it.
  2. You must download and set up the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone if it isn't already there. You can follow the on-screen directions after installation.
  3. Once you enter the correct verification code from the authenticator app, your two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator will be set up.  
  4. You should see a banner after completing the on-screen instructions indicating that the two-factor authentication setup was successful. 

Note: Email mode will also be enabled when you enable Google Authenticator as a backup authentication method. 

 Enabling Email Authentication

You have the option of using Google Authenticator or email when you enable two-factor authentication.  

  1. Selecting Email from the list of options and pressing Next will enable email. 
  2. Email authentication can only be enabled on your registered email id.  
  3. Once you click on Enable, email authentication will be enabled on your Maestro account.  

Disabling Email Authentication

Follow these steps to turn off two-factor authentication for your Maestro account:  

  1. Select the Security tab under Account Settings.
  2. Find the toggle for two-factor authentication, and if necessary, set it off for both types.  
  3. You will receive an email at your registered email address, including a verification code.  
  4. To verify and turn off two-factor authentication, enter the verification code. 

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