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Maestro: Getting Alerts on your Sites’ Downtime and Tracking Uptime History

You can now receive alerts from Maestro when your site goes down so that you can fix a problem right away. In case of downtime, you will receive an alert with the error code for easy debugging. You will also be able to track your sites’ uptime percentage. Read on below to understand how this works. 

Getting Started 

This feature is currently available for all sites added to your Maestro dashboard, having either WordPress access (irrespective of where the site is hosted) or WordPress and Hosting access. To start receiving alerts on your sites’ downtime, you will need to start the uptime monitor for each site individually.  

To turn on the uptime monitor for your site, navigate to the Site Monitoring tab in site details and click on Start Monitoring.

Your site will be pinged every 5 minutes to check if it is up and running. 

Receiving Alerts 

Once you turn ON the uptime monitor on your site, you will automatically start receiving alerts whenever your site goes down. You will receive the alerts on the email ID with which you signed up on Maestro.  

You will be alerted whenever your site returns an error response (Error codes: 4xx and 5xx).


If you wish to stop receiving alerts, you will need to turn OFF the uptime monitor for your site in the Site Monitoring tab. 

Pause/Resume Uptime Monitor 

The uptime monitor of each of your sites can be paused or resumed from the Site Monitoring tab inside the site details.


On pausing the Uptime monitor, your site will not be pinged for status, and hence you will not receive any alerts when your site is down. 

Tip: We recommend you keep the monitor turned ON so you can be quickly alerted when the site goes down and take action.

Viewing Uptime History 

You can view your sites’ uptime percentage and uptime history (past 30 days), by clicking on View uptime history.


You can then view the day-wise uptime history and also track downtime events over the past 30 days.


Status changes indicate the event (Site down, site up again and monitor paused) along with the timestamp of the event and error code (when the site is down). 

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