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Billing & Payments

Q: How does billing work?

A: All ad spend is billed directly by Google Ads. Please see Google’s Billing Options article to help you determine how you pay and when.

Q: Will I get billed by Bluehost or Google Ads?

A: If you have upgraded from our free Basic plan to the Pro plan, you will be billed for your upgraded subscription by Bluehost. Once you have set up a campaign, all of your campaign ad spend will be paid to Google. Please see Google’s Billing Options article to help you determine how you pay and when.

Q: How do I set up the billing?

A: You will set up your payment method while setting up your account and linking to Google Ads. Once in the Google Ads portal, you’ll go to the menu bar on the upper right-hand corner of your screen and click on the Tools icon. This is important to set up so that your ads will start running once you are done with your setup.


Setup & Basics

Q: How do I link my Bluehost account to Google Ads?

A: We’ve prepared a quick video to help you link your Google Ads and Bluehost accounts.

Q: How does ad spend work?

A: You pay for the clicks your ad gets based on the interest it receives. This is known as Cost-Per-Click or CPC advertising. You tell Google Ads the most you’re willing to pay for a click on your ad (called the maximum cost-per-click bid), but you could be charged less. You have control over your Google Ads budget. You decide the average amount you want to spend each day.

Q: How do I decide how much budget to allocate?

A: There’s no general rule on the “right” budget size. You set your budget based on your advertising goals and how much you are willing to spend each day. Here is more information on the topic from Google.

Q: Can I advertise multiple landing pages?

A: To advertise multiple landing pages, you must upgrade from the Basic plan to our Pro plan. With the Pro plan, you can create ad campaigns for each of your desired landing pages.

Q: Does Bluehost affect my existing campaigns in Google Ads?

A: No, if you have existing campaigns with Google Ads, those will remain separate. We will only help optimize campaigns created through your Bluehost account.

Q: Which campaign types do you create?

A: We create “Search Network only” campaigns. Your ads appear in Google’s search results when people search for relevant terms to your ad’s keywords. Search Network-only campaigns usually focus on getting people to take action, such as clicking your ad or calling your business. These campaigns show ads to people who are actively seeking out information. When someone intentionally seeks out a product or service like yours, they’re much more likely to find your ad helpful and click it.

Q: Do you create different ads?

A: In total, we use six ad variants based on different headline combinations, but the ad description will always stay the same.

  • We will generate several ad variants based on your content.
  • When you set up your campaign, you can add up to 3 different headlines.
  • We always run your ads using two headlines plus the ad description.


Q: Do you create ad extensions?

A: Extensions expand your ad with additional information—giving people more reasons to choose your business. When you set up your campaign, you can choose if you want to add call extensions to your ads. By using call extensions, you can add phone numbers to your ads, which can significantly increase clickthrough rates. When your call extensions show, people can tap or click a button to call your business directly. That means more customer engagement with your ads and more chances for you to get and track your conversions.

Q: Can Google reject or not approve my ads?

A: Yes, Google can reject your ads if they don’t comply with Google’s advertising policies. If your ad is not approved by Google, we’ll notify you by email and in your account and give you suggestions on how best to modify your ads so that they can be approved.

Q: What happens to my campaigns when I use the toggle to deactivate them in my account?

A: Your campaigns are automatically paused in your Google Ads account if you toggle to deactivate them.

Q: What happens to my optimized campaign after resetting my account?

A: When you reset your Bluehost account, the traffic data we have collected to optimize your campaigns is lost. This means our system has to start from scratch to analyze the traffic environment and improve your ads.

Q: Can Bluehost help me advertise my social media account?

A: Our marketing solution is not designed for social media accounts (e.g., Facebook, Instagram) as they often render ineffective keywords and, therefore, lead to poor traffic results.

Q: What are the “promotional” keywords which you add to my keyword selection?

A: To attract even more traffic to your landing page, we will add helpful keywords to your selection based on your setup. For example, if you run a seasonal campaign advertising Black Friday special offers, we will create extra keywords related to “Black Friday.” We will also create extra keywords by including your target location to make sure we get the most out of your ads.


Manage Ads

Q: Can I change my website after creating the Google Ads campaigns?

A: Yes, you can, and depending on the plan you have, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • If you have the Basic plan, you’ll need to delete your current campaign and create a new one with the updated URL to your revised landing page.
  • If you have the Pro plan, create another campaign and set up a new landing page.

Q: I have made changes in my Google Ads account (e.g., keywords, max. CPC). Does it interfere with my Bluehost campaigns?

A: It’s best to make all of your campaign changes within your Bluehost Google Ads account. This ensures that your ads are continuously being optimized and properly considered by our automated engine.

Q: How can I extend my seasonal campaign?

A: You can always make adjustments in your Bluehost account to extend or shorten your promotion.

Q: How do I get my $100 credit?

A: This offer is available to customers with a billing address in the United States & Canada only. One promotional code per advertiser. Offer in Great Britain Spend £25, Get £75. France, Germany, Italy, and Spain - spend €25, get €75.

  1. To activate this offer: Bluehost will add a credit to your account when you create or connect your Google Ads account during the account setup.
  2. To earn the credit: Your advertising campaigns must accrue costs of at least $25, excluding any taxes, within 30 days of connecting your Google Ads account. Making a payment of $25 is not sufficient. The tracking of advertising costs towards $25 starts automatically when you start advertising with Bluehost.
  3. Once the requirements above have been completed, the credit will typically be applied within five days to the Billing Summary of your account.
    • Only future advertising expenses are eligible for credits. Credits cannot be used to offset expenses incurred prior to the credit entry. li>
    • Once your credit is depleted, you won't be informed, and any further advertising expenses will be deducted from your payment method. You can always stop or end a campaign if you decide you no longer wish to advertise.
    • Your account must be successfully billed by Google Ads and remain in good standing in order to qualify for the promotional credit.
Full terms and conditions can be found here.


Ad Performance

Q: Where do I see an overview of my campaign performance?

A: In your Bluehost account, you have an overview of your advertisement activity in Google Ads.

  • Under Configuration, you can view the settings you selected during your setup. As you have full control over your campaigns, you can always make adjustments, including your ad text, keywords, target location, budget, and more. Our system will take all your changes into account for future optimization.
  • Under Overview, you can monitor key performance metrics and enjoy visualized data of your campaign performance. The following performance indicators are displayed in your account:
    • “Impressions” inform you about how many times people are exposed to one of your ads. Each time your ad appears on Google, it’s counted as one impression.
    • “Clicks” show you how often people have clicked on one of your ads.
    • The “Click Through Rate” tells you the ratio between the users that clicked on your ads and the total number of users who saw your ads.
    • “Cost” displays the advertising costs from the clicks your ads have received.

Q: When do I see results from my Bluehost campaigns?

A: Once your campaign setup is complete, we will immediately start optimizing your campaigns to attract more customers to your website. It can take up to four weeks for us to collect enough data about your campaign before we generate significant improvements.
Keep in mind that the final campaign outcome is not only determined by us but also relies on other important factors:

  • Quality Score: This is Google’s estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing page. Higher-quality ads can result in lower prices for your keywords and better ad positions. We can take care of your keywords but not your landing page. Therefore, it is important to ensure a positive landing page experience for your customers, including relevant content, high website security, easy navigation structure, and fast loading times.
  • Low Traffic Volume: The more data our system collects, the better it will do its job of improving your campaigns. Little traffic due to a low number of search queries for your keywords can slow down this process. A possible reason can be a season when your products or business offering is not in high demand. A lack of traffic can also be related to targeting a low-traffic industry, audience, or location that is not yet very internet-oriented. In this case, it can help to expand the target area and add more keywords to attract more website visitors and speed up the optimization of your campaigns.
  • Budget Size: There is no general rule on the “right” budget size. It’s always important to align your budget with the number of products you advertise and the size of the markets you target. From our experience, we know that most customers who choose a daily budget of $5 or more can expect good results in a reasonable time frame. An indicator that your budget might require some adjustments is when you often run out of your budget earlier than expected. In this case, you will see a notification in your Google Ads account that your balance is exhausted.
  • Maximum Cost Per Click (CPC): Your daily budget and maximum CPC are two sides of the same coin. Based on your keyword selection, we will automatically determine a competitive CPC to get the most out of your daily budget.
  • Target Location & Audience: As mentioned under “Low Traffic Volume,” it can sometimes make sense to increase the target location to reach a larger audience. On the other hand, it is also important not to target an area that is too broad. As a rule of thumb, you should start with a target location that is as small as possible and as large as necessary. By doing so, you make sure that you keep a tight advertising focus, so your budget is used for your core market and doesn’t get diluted. You can always make changes to your target location in your account.


Upgrade to Pro

Q: Why should I upgrade from the free or basic plan to the Pro plan?

A: With the Pro plan, you get everything offered in the Basic plan plus an unlimited number of campaigns and access to a Marketing Campaign Calendar so that you can schedule special ad campaigns to coincide with special events like Black Friday, Anniversary Sales, and more without disrupting your primary ad campaigns.

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