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Hiding Email Address from Harvester Bots, Spiders, etc


If you believe that your email address has been harvested (taken off your site and sold to spammers). You can hide your email address, but still have people email you?

Hiding your email address

You will need to add this code into your page where you have your email listed. This will require a little bit of Javascript but it is easy. Here is the code that you will need to paste into your code and then modify.


<script language="javascript">
function m_sfcon (u) {
    pre = "mail";
    url = pre + "to:" + u;
    document.location.href = url + "@your-domain-name.com";

<a href="javascript:m_sfcon('YOUR-EMAIL-PREFIX-GOES-HERE')">Email Me</a>
If your email is [email protected], you would change the "your-domain-name.com" to "example.com" and "YOUR-EMAIL-PREFIX-GOES-HERE" would be changed to bob.