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Cobiro: How it Works

This article has been deprecated.
Cobiro is no longer available with Google Ads. Please see Google Ads for more information.

Cobiro is a fully automated machine learning platform helping you to turn your website into high-quality Google ads. As an official Google Premier Partner, Cobiro can build and manage highly customized Google Ads campaigns based on your business goals and use a self-learning AI robot to optimize your campaigns. 

The intelligent Cobiro Bidding Engine constantly analyzes the traffic environment to get the best bids for every single keyword, which, in turn, will increase your ad clicks and conversions. Cobiro uses different match-type strategies to quickly identify and invest in the keywords driving the most traffic to your website. 

With Cobiro, you can let advanced technology do the work for you with no need for professional knowledge about Google Ads or complex online marketing strategies.