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How to Purchase a Dedicated IP

What is an IP Address?

An IP (Internet Protocol) address uniquely identifies a computer/server on the Internet.

The IP address takes the form of a dotted-quad number, such as No other computer/server on the same network or on the Internet can have the same IP address at the same time.

When we use domain names to access a website or online service, we are using a human-readable shortcut that corresponds with the server's IP address. DNS servers on the Internet automatically translate domain names into IP addresses each time we use a domain name.

All of our shared servers have the same IP, if you wish to have your own IP, please purchase a dedicated IP.

Billing Information

  • Terms - The monthly rate is prorated to match the expiration date of the hosting account.
  • Renewal Policy -The Dedicated IP will renew along with the hosting term. The auto-renewal can be reversed for a full refund prior to the start of the new term. 

    Note: Dedicated IP's are extended to match the hosting expiration date and cannot extend past their hosting expiration date. If a customer request to renew their Dedicated IP, they will need to renew their hosting term, which will automatically place the dedicated IP in their Shopping Cart.

  • Renewal Settings - The Dedicated IP does not have any renewal settings separate from the hosting term. This means if the hosting is set to expire, then the Dedicated IP will also expire.

Purchase a Dedicated IP:

  1. Log in to your Bluehost cPanel account.
  2. Click on the Addons tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Select either Server Resources to limit the options or scroll down to Dedicated IP and select Add to cart.
  4. Select your payment method.
  5. The credit card on file is the default payment method. If this is the card you wish to use, enter the CVV2 code to proceed.
    • If you wish to use another payment method, click the "Change Payment Method" link. Select to use a new credit card or your PayPal account, and follow the directions on screen.
Propagation: Because of the IP address change you may experience a period of about 6-24 hours where your site can appear to be non-functional. This is the standard propagation time that is required to update your DNS throughout the world. Please note, your Temporary URL will also be changed and will be unavailable while the Dedicated IP is installed on your account. This is normal and you will be able to view your site by visiting your site using your new Dedicated IP within 4-24 hours.

For additional information about the difference between a please see Shared vs. Dedicated IPs & Port Access.