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How To Purchase A Hosting Package For A New Site With Maestro

You can initiate your hosting purchase in the following ways:

  1. By clicking on Buy Hosting at the bottom left corner of the page.
    Buy Hosting
  2. Selecting the Add a new Site option when adding a WordPress site for a client. 
    Add a new Site

Choosing for whom the hosting package is being purchased

If you are purchasing a new hosting package from Maestro, you can buy it for:
  1. Yourself - The site will be added to your dashboard in the "Self" client.
  2. A Client - The site will be added to your dashboard inside that client.
For all practical purposes, the hosting package will be purchased by you and will have your personal information saved against it.
Buy Hosting for

If you are purchasing the hosting account for your client, you can either create a new client or add it under an existing client. 
Buy for a client

Choosing a hosting plan and a domain

You can choose a hosting plan that suits your requirement. Maestro currently offers only shared hosting plans.
Choose a hosting plan

Choosing a Domain

You can search for a new domain for your site. Or, if you already own one, you can skip this step. In such a case, your site will be assigned a temporary domain name.
Purchase a domain

Making Payment

Choose a payment option and complete your payment.
Payment information

On successful payment, you will receive a payment confirmation with details of your purchase. You can start accessing this site in your Maestro dashboard by clicking on Continue to Dashboard.
Continue to Dashboard
When you click on Continue to Dashboard, you will be redirected to the client page with the newly added website along with the WP admin and hosting access enabled automatically
new website added

*Note: The hosting and WP admin access takes 10-15 mins to set up

Where can I manage my purchases?

You can view details of all your hosting purchases from the purchases section in your Maestro dashboard.

Downloading the receipt for my purchase

  1. Click on the Manage Purchase of the hosting package you wish to download the receipt.
    Manage Purchase
  2. Navigate to the Billing section to view all your receipts.
    Billing Section
  3. Click on View Details and Download Receipt of your purchase.
    View Details


How do I renew my Hosting plan?

Your hosting package is set to renew automatically 15 days prior to the expiration date. You can update the renewal status at any time.

Manually renewing your hosting package:
  1. Select the site for which you want to renew the hosting package.
  2. Click on Renew Now.
    renew hosting


Updating the renewal status of my purchase
  1. Click on Manage Purchase of the hosting package you wish to update the renewal status.
    Manage Purchase
  2. Click on Renew of the hosting or domain, you wish to update the renewal status.