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How to Install WordPress

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that allows you to develop and manage websites, blogs, and online marketplaces effortlessly. It's one of the world's most widely used website builders, powering over 40% of all websites. WordPress allows users to construct a unique and effective website that matches their needs by selecting various customizable themes and plugins. Lastly, it offers a user-friendly platform to help you build a powerful online presence, whether you're a blogger, an entrepreneur, or a small business owner.

You can use Bluehost's dependable WordPress hosting services and also easily add WooCommerce and other third-party scripts to your account by following these steps.

  1. Log in to your Bluehost Account Manager.
  2. Click on the Hosting tab located in the side navigation menu.
    Account manager hosting tab
  3. Click the Add Site button to install a new WordPress site.
    Bluehost account manager Add Site button
  4. Select the Install WordPress option and click the Continue button.
  5. Type the name of your website in the Site Title field and continue. If you're unsure, you can click Skip for Now.
  6. Enter your domain name in the Enter Domain Name field or select Use a Temporary Domain Name. Click Continue to proceed.
  7. After the process is completed, the installation of your WordPress site will begin.
  8. To access your WordPress dashboard, please click on Log into WordPress.

The installation process will take a few minutes to complete. Once it's finished, your application will be installed and ready to use.

  1. Click on the Websites tab on the left navigation menu.
  2. To manage a particular site, hover over it and click Edit Site.
  3. Edit your WordPress, locate the upper-right corner of the page, and click on the Edit WordPress button.


If you're trying to install WordPress from your end, you may encounter an error message using the One-Click setup method. This error occurs because WordPress auto-installation is done only once the account is signed up. Therefore, attempting to install WordPress from your end might lead to an error similar to the images below:
WordPress Install Error

This means that a current WordPress is installed on the domain. To troubleshoot this error, check if WordPress is connected to the domain name and verify the status.

  1. Click on the Hosting tab located on the side navigation menu.
    Bluehost-account manager-hosting-tab
  2. To troubleshoot a website, please select it and click the Manage option.
    Account manager-manage-site-WordPress
  3. Check if the domain link opens the WordPress dashboard and test it by clicking the Log into WordPress button.



WordPress installation on your hosting account is streamlined for ease, which allows you to create websites, blogs, or eCommerce platforms.

Renowned for its flexibility and wide adoption, WordPress supports customization through themes and plugins.

Installation involves logging into your control panel, selecting "Install WordPress," and entering site and domain details.

Post-installation, access your WordPress dashboard to begin customization.

In case of errors, such as duplicate installations, troubleshooting steps include verifying the WordPress connection to your domain and ensuring the site's proper setup. This helps facilitate a seamless transition to establishing your online presence.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us via Chat or Phone:

  • Chat Support - While on our website, you should see a CHAT bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Click anywhere on the bubble to begin a chat session.
  • Phone Support -
    • US: 888-401-4678
    • International: +1 801-765-9400

You may also refer to our Knowledge Base articles to help answer common questions and guide you through various setup, configuration, and troubleshooting steps.

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