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Joomla Troubleshooting

If you are trying to install Joomla manually and getting a session.save_path is an unwriteable error:

  1. Log in to your Bluehost control panel.
  2. In the cPanel under Files, select the File Manager icon.
  3. Find the public_html file and then php.ini and then right-click.
  4. Select Code Edit.
  5. Around line 824 is something which looks like ;session.save_path = /tmp
  6. Remove the semicolon ';' in the front so it looks like this: session.save_path = /tmp
  7. Make the path go to the temp folder on your account session.save_path = /home/username/tmp where username is your cPanel username listed inside of cPanel.
  8. Save the Changes.

Additional Notes: If the error persists, one of two things can be done:

  • Place a copy of the modified php.ini file into the "administrator" or another appropriate folder.

Joomla is an Open Source project, which means a community of developers develops it. Everything from the documentation to the code itself was created by and for the community. The Joomla community provides extensive documentation and support via their website, Joomla.org. There are also thousands of independent sites that provide information, extensions, templates, tips, tricks, hacks, and you name it.

Here are some suggested resources for Joomla:


The official website for the Joomla script, with comprehensive documentation and support forums, asks questions and finds answers. When you are experiencing issues with Joomla, this should be your first stop for support since common problems and their solutions are typically posted on this website. There is also a great community to whom you can pose your questions.

Extension or Template Designer's Official Website

As you work with Joomla, you may add extensions and templates to your website. When you have an issue with a particular extension or template, it is usually best to contact the specific extension or template creator. You can locate this information on Joomla.org under the "Do More > Extensions" menu or by performing a search.

Try a Search Engine

Having an issue or wanting to do something in Joomla? Since Joomla powers 2.7% of the entire Web, chances are, someone else has encountered something similar, and they may have posted the solutions online. Frequently you can utilize search engines to locate whatever you may need concerning Joomla.

Place a copy of the modified php.ini file into the administrator or another appropriate folder.