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How to Add and Manage Clients with Maestro

Adding Clients

You can add a new client to your Maestro dashboard from the Clients tab

Clicking on “Add Client” opens a pop-up where you can simply enter the name of you or your client. If you are adding yourself, you can tick the checkbox which says, “I am adding myself."

Please note that this name need not be linked to any existing Bluehost's customer’s or account holder’s name - it is simply meant for you to organize your dashboard by categorizing your sites under clients.

After entering the name, click on the Go button. You will now see a new client added to your Clients tab. You can now start adding websites under this client by clicking on Add WordPress Site.

Manage Client Profile

Click on a client to view websites and profile. Here you can see the list of websites you manage for the client. Click on the Profile tab to view, add to, or edit information.

You can add more details for the client's profile by clicking on Edit and entering that information.

Rename Client and Delete Client

From your Maestro dashboard, click on the more menu to the extreme right of each client. You will see options to either Rename Client or Delete Client.

  • On clicking on Rename Client, you can change the client’s name.
  • On clicking on Delete Client, you can remove the client from your Maestro dashboard. In case you have added any websites under this client, you will lose access to those websites

Important Note: Note that this action cannot be undone. You will have to re-initiate the client and website addition process to be re-authorized to access the websites.

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