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Managing Tasks with Cloud Mail



You may organize your daily duties with the aid of many components featured in the duties app.

New Task Button

Using this button, you can start a new task. To get this, take the actions listed below:

  1. Select the hamburger icon, which is located in the upper-left corner.
  2. Click on Apps and then choose Tasks. As seen in the image, the New Task button ought to appear.

Note: Make sure to click on the Open folder view button located in the lower-left corner of your screen to access the folder view if you are unable to locate the New Task option.

  1. Click the New Task button to bring up the Create Task box and start creating a task.
    New Task

Tasks Folder View

All of the generated task folders will appear here.

  1. My lists - includes the personal tasks you have established.
  2. Public tasks - include assignments that are shared by all users.
  3. Shared tasks - includes assignments that other users have shared with you.

Tasks Toolbar

This includes task organization and editing features.

  1. Edit icon - This will modify the data for the selected task.
  2. Due icon - This will modify the deadline for the chosen assignment.
  3. Undone or Done icon - This will indicate if a task is completed or not.
  4. Delete icon - The chosen job will be deleted as a result.
  5. More actions icon - This will cause a task management menu to appear.

Tasks Editing Window

When starting a new task or making changes to an existing one, the editing window is utilized.

Choose one of the following options to launch the window:

  • Choose a task and click the Edit icon to edit an existing task.
  • Click the New Task button to begin creating a new assignment.

When completed, the window that appears below should appear:

Create Task

  1. Subject - The task title is shown as the subject name. To create a task, click the designated field and type the task title.
  2. Description - Please enter a description of the task here. You can choose not to do this.
  3. Start date - The date picker will open when you click on the field. Next, you can decide when the work is due.
  4. Due date - Click the field to bring up the date selection. Next, you can decide when the work is due.
  5. All day - Indicates if the assignment is meant to be completed in a single day. If deactivated, the Start date and Due date fields will have an additional field where you can manually enter the time.
  6. Repeat - Indicates if the task needs to be carried out again.
  7. Reminder - Specify the method and time of your reminder regarding the task's expiration date. In the Reminder date section, you can also specify the reminder's day and time.
  8. Status - The task's status is defined by its status. In the Progress field, you can additionally specify a percentage for task completion.
  9. Priority - Indicates the importance of the task.
  10. Private - If users prefer not to see the task's subject and description, they can enable the private option by checking the corresponding checkbox.
  11. Add contact - Fill up this area with the names of the persons who will be involved in the task.
  12. Add attachment - Using this option, you can attach files to the assignment.
  13. Show details - This will bring up other fields in the data that you can fill out with billing information, such as projected or actual efforts.

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