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Modifying table columns in phpMyAdmin

This tutorial will demonstrate how to modify existing MySQL database tables in phpMyAdmin.

WARNING! Be careful changing certain aspects of table columns, because it is possible to lose data.  For example, if you change the maximum length of a field from 20 characters to 15 characters, any data in that column that is longer than 15 characters will be truncated (chopped off).
  1. Log in to your Bluehost control panel.
  2. Under the Database section, select phpMyAdmin.
  3. Select the database you want to work with (by clicking on database name in the left column of the phpMyAdmin home page).
  4. Once inside a database, you will see a list of tables.  Click on the table you wish to modify.
  5. Select Structure from the menu.
  6. To the right of the column name, you will see a link called "Change" under the Actions.  Click on the Change link for the column you wish to modify.
  7. You can change a variety of things, including the name of the column, length of the field (maximum number of characters allowed), default value, and more.
  8. Once you are ready to proceed, click on Save to save the changes.

The changes you requested will have been applied.