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Rock: Manage WordPress Caching

Good news! You can now manage WordPress websites' caching settings within your Rock control panel. 

What exactly is caching? Most websites are dynamic; however, caching can be used to create static versions of your website's content to deliver instead. Static pages load more quickly in browsers, which results in faster performance for your website.

Benefits of Caching

Enabling caching on a website can help by:
  • Enhancing speed and performance
  • Reducing server load
  • Providing the user a better experience
  • Boosting SEO ranking (faster websites score higher)

Potential Issues

While using cache does offer significant benefits to your website, it does have the ability to cause issues as well. Anything manually updated should tell the site that a new version needs to be saved to the cache, but any content that is updated automatically (usually through a Plugin) or targeted to a specific audience will typically render incorrectly.

Common issues include:
  • Social media feeds not updating
  • Missing calendar events
  • Changes made to posts or pages not reflecting right away
  • Changes made through the Customizer not reflecting right away

If you notice problems with content not updating or appearing correctly on your website, caching may need to be disabled. Here are some related articles to learn more about WordPress Caching, WP Super Cache, and W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin.