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SiteLock: Verifying Domain and Account Information

Important: This article has been deprecated. The process for Domain and Account verification outlined below no longer applies to SiteLock.

This article is intended for customers who already have SiteLock and want to begin using their accounts.

If you still don't have SiteLock or if you have questions about the product or your dashboard, visit this article, Getting Started with SiteLock, to learn more about how you can enjoy the benefits.

Steps to Verify

Verifying your information with SiteLock is a necessary step to creating a site with the SiteLock Trust Seal. This article can walk you through the necessary steps to verify your domains and account information with SiteLock.

Verifying Your Domain

Note: You will be unable to verify your domain unless it is properly pointed towards your Bluehost account. Please verify that your domain is pointed correctly before continuing with this tutorial.

  1. To verify your domain and account information, you will need to be logged into your SiteLock account by going to
  2. Once logged in, you will be looking at your dashboard. Look for the following verification notices shown in the picture below:
    Sitelock - Unverified Account
  3. Click on Verify Domain, and you will see the following dialog box:
    Sitelock - Verify Popup
  4. As you can see, there are two ways to verify your domain; we will be dealing with the easier first option, as the method using code could potentially break your scripts.
  5. Click on the first Click here link in the dialog box, which will download an HTML file to your local computer.

    Please remember where you saved this file; it will generally default to your Downloads Folder.

  6. After the file is downloaded, you will need to log into your Bluehost control panel.

    Please keep your SiteLock dashboard open, as we will need to come back here after the HTML file has been uploaded to your account. Once logged in to cPanel, open the File Manager located in the Files section of your cPanel.

  7. Another popup will occur, the File Manager Directory Selector. Make sure to select Webroot to get into your public_html directory. If you open the home directory, that is fine. You will need to navigate to the public_html folder to ensure the file is uploaded to the correct directory.
  8. Once you are in the correct directory or public_html, please hit the Upload button on the top of your File Manager. You will then be taken to the following screen to upload the verification file.
  9. Once you have selected the HTML file from your local computer, click okay, and the upload will begin.

    Note: You will see a green status bar in the bottom right of the screen showing the upload's progress.

  10. Now that the file has been uploaded to your account, you will need to go back to your SiteLock Dashboard to finalize the verification. Get back to the Verify Domain dialog box from earlier, but click the click here link at the bottom. SiteLock will crawl your site to find the verification file we uploaded and successfully verify your domain.

Important:  If you are still having trouble getting your domain correctly verified, double-check that all the above steps were performed correctly and double-check that your domain is pointed correctly. If you are still unable to verify the domain, you can contact support via phone at 888-401-4678 or Live Chat so we can verify the file is correctly uploaded, or you can submit a ticket directly to SiteLock using the Support link at the top of your SiteLock dashboard.

Verifying Your Phone Number

  1. To verify your phone number, you need to check first that the phone number is correct and then click the Resend Code link next to your number. A dialog box will appear and confirm that you want to resend the verification code; click Yes. You will receive a phone call from an automated system providing you with a verification code.
  2. To input the verification code, click the Submit Code link next to your phone number on your dashboard and enter the provided code to verify your phone number.

Verifying Your Address

  1. To verify your address, you need to check first that the address is correct and then click the Resend Code link next to your address. A dialog box will appear and confirm that you want to resend the verification code; click Yes. You will be mailed a verification code to the listed address.
  2. Once you have the verification code, click the Submit Code link next to your address on your dashboard, and enter the provided code to verify your home or business address.

For more information on contacting SiteLock support, please see SiteLock Support.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us via Chat or Phone:

  • Chat Support - From our home page, click the Contact option in the top right-hand corner, then click Chat Now.
  • Phone Support -
    • US: 888-401-4678
    • International: +1 801-765-9400

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