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How to Track Broken Links in Maestro

Broken links can impact the SEO ranking of your website and potentially drive away visitors from your site. You can now track and debug broken links on your sites from the Maestro dashboard. This feature will be available for sites hosted on Bluehost and other hosting providers.

To know how to get access to your site, please check out the videos below:

Once you have access to sites added to your Maestro dashboard, you can view the broken links (if present) when you log in to your Maestro dashboard.

How Maestro Identifies Broken Links

A scan of all links on your WordPress sites added to your Maestro dashboard will be done when you log in to your dashboard. The scan will be run once every day on your first login.

Once the scan is complete, you can view the broken links (if present) in the Sites tab on your site cards.

Note: You can manually scan for broken links from your Maestro dashboard on any of your sites.

How to Fix Broken Links Identified by Maestro

Find Broken Links in Maestro

If any broken links are detected in the scan:

  • Click on broken links found on your site card in the Sites tab. This will open the results of the broken links detected.
  • Navigate to the Site Monitoring tab after clicking on the site card in the Sites menu. You can click on View Scan Results in the Broken links card to view the scan results.

Troubleshoot Broken Link Errors in Maestro

Once you are on the View Scan Results page, you will see multiple data points that will help you debug and fix broken links.

Categorization of broken links

All broken links detected are categorized into 3 categories - Pages, Media, and Scripts.

  • Pages include all (internal and external) redirects within your WordPress site that are not working.
  • Media consists of all images, videos, and other broken media links.
  • Scripts include Javascript and other scripts that return an error.

Data available for a broken link

For each broken link detected, the following data will be available:

  • Path of the broken link - This is the path in the WordPress site where the broken link was detected. Clicking on the path will take you to that page on the live website.
  • Status (Error code) - This indicates the error code that was returned when trying to access the link. Maestro detects broken links with the following error codes: 301, 403, 404 and 500
  • Identifier - This is the identifier for the broken link on the live website. This could include the link text.
  • Resolve action - Clicking on Resolve will open the edit section inside the WordPress admin panel and navigate where the broken link was detected on the website.

    Note: If a broken link has an error code 500, you have the option to log in to cPanel by clicking on Resolve > Go to cPanel.

How to Run a Manual Scan

You will be able to initiate a manual scan of your website to recheck for any broken links.

The manual scan can be run from the following sections:

  • Scan Results page - click on Scan again in the top section of the page.
  • Site Monitoring tab - click on Scan Again in the Broken links card.

Once all the broken links are fixed and a scan is run, you will see a notification informing you that no broken links were detected.


Track and debug broken links on your website with the help of Maestro. Add your WordPress sites to the Maestro dashboard and scan for broken links daily. Maestro categorizes broken links into Pages, Media, and Scripts and provides valuable data such as the path of the broken link, status (error code), identifier, and resolve action. You can fix broken links by clicking "Resolve" and editing the section inside the WordPress admin panel. You can also manually scan for broken links and receive a notification when no broken links are detected.

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You may also refer to our Knowledge Base articles to help answer common questions and guide you through various setup, configuration, and troubleshooting steps.

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