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Use Custom Name Servers

If you purchased your domain from Bluehost, you can manage it online through your Domain Manager. Just remember that any changes to your name servers can take up to 72 hours to propagate.

If you did NOT purchase your domain from us, you cannot change the name servers here because we don't control the domain. Please contact the domain’s registrar (place where you bought the domain) and ask how to make the name server updates. Most domain registrars have a tool so you can do this yourself. Then you will remove the current name servers and replace them with the name servers from your welcome email.

Updating the Name Servers

  1. Log in to your Bluehost control panel.
  2. Go to the Domains menu.
  3. Scroll down and select your domain name from the list on the left. The right side will populate with tabs.
  4. Click the Name Servers tab on the right.
  5. Select Use Custom Name Servers.
  6. Enter in the new name servers.
  7. Click Save Name Server Settings.

Your new DNS settings will begin to propagate as soon as you save your changes. Each ISP updates at a different rate, usually taking 24 - 72 hours to complete worldwide. During this time, your emails will be down, and your web traffic will be directed to either the old or new host, depending on the visitor's ISP.