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Using the Page Optimization Tool to Improve SEO

Optimize your current pages for designated keywords

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The page optimization tool allows you to assign keywords to each page on your site and then helps you to improve the content of every page for the keywords you assigned, making your website easier for search engines to access.

To optimize your pages:
  1. Within the SEO Tool, click the Optimize tab from the navigation menu that stretches across the top of your screen.
  2. The detected pages of your website will display. Select the page you would like to optimize.
  3. Click Select keywords for the page you added.
  4. Click Add a new page to optimize.
  5. Search for a keyword or choose a keyword from the list. Then click Select.
    Note: You can only select one keyword at a time. We recommend that you optimize the keywords that best describe your industry or website.
  6. Next, start optimizing your page for the selected keyword. Click the page, and a list of tasks that you need to complete will display.
  7. Click the (x) and (?) icons to begin working on those tasks.
  8. To mark the task as complete while it's expanded, click Done! Check it now.

Complete all the tasks in order to reach a 100% optimized status for that page. You can work to optimize pages to 100% one at a time, or you can optimize several pages at once.

Note: You may receive a task suggesting that you adopt an SSL certificate for your website. We suggest it for many reasons, particularly because it is a crucial ranking indicator for search engines. However, it is unnecessary, so feel free to dismiss the suggestion if you’re not interested.