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VPS & Dedicated Hosting: Log in to WHM

Set your Root Password

Before you can log in to WHM, you need to create a Root password. 

  1. Log in to your Bluehost control panel
  2. Click Performance in the submenu.
  3. Locate the Access Management - root section
  4. Enter a new root password.

    The root account is the user with read and write privileges to all files and folders on your server. Make sure that this password can not easily be guessed and is not a password used for other accounts.

Log in to WHM

The root password must be set before you can log in to WHM.

Normally if your domain is already pointed at and resolving to Bluehost name servers and the server IP, you can log in at the following URL:


If that doesn't work, you'll need to know your server's IP address.

  1. Log in to your cPanel.
  2. Under the Hosting tab from the navigation menu that stretches across the top of your screen, click the Manage IPs from the sub-menu.
  3. Look under the IP Address column for Primary Server. That is your server's IP, with your server IP you can log in to the WHM at either of the following URL's:
https://your.server.ip:2087 (For SSL login)

No matter which URL you use to access the WHM login screen, you must use the following credentials:

Username: root
Password: Your newly created root password

We offer a full WHM with root access for VPS and Dedicated Hosting owners. For more information please visit this article VPS & Dedicated Hosting: Root WHM (rWHM).