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WebEasy Pro: FTP Setup and Publish

  1. Go to the tools menu, click Options, select Programs, under website publishing programs, select default publish assistant, and click ok to close the window.
  2. Click the tools menu again, click Publish Assistant, and click next.
  3. Click the button labeled Connect.
  4. In the Connection Profile window, type in a name for the profile, like your domain name. Then, where it says Hostname or IP address: type in ftp.yourdomainname.com or the server IP address.

    Note: change the "yourdomainname.com" with your exact domain name.

  5. Where it says User identifier: type in your user name.

    Tip: User name sent to you in the welcome email. It is 8 digits and similar to your domain name.

  6. User password: type in your account password (Also sent to you in the welcome email.)
  7. Now, click the tab named General in the same Connection Profile window.
  8. In the Initial remote folder field, type in: public_html/
    • For the main domain: public_html/
    • Addon Domains, type in: public_html/addonfoldernamehere/.

      Note: The name for the addon domain folder can be found in your account cPanel by clicking addon domains. It will be listed next to the domain. For example: If the addon domain name is http://www.abc.com, the folder would be named ABC, and the full path would be: public_html/abc/

  9. Under the WWW Site tab in the same Connection Profile window, where is says World Wide Web URL, type in http://www.yourdomainnamehere.com and select the primary page as index.html.

    Note: change the "yourdomainnamehere.com" with your exact domain name.

  10. After all these settings have been entered, click ok.
  11. You will immediately see a message stating:
    • The last message from the server is:
    • your user has group access to:
    • your user is OK.
    • The current restricted directory is /
    • You may close this window.
  12. Click next and proceed to publish.

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