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Website Builder (for WordPress) vs. Builder - What's the Difference?

Bluehost Website Builder, and Bluehost Builder, are both drag-and-drop editors you can use to quickly create a website. After you purchase a hosting account with Bluehost, you can choose to create your website with WordPress or with a drag-and-drop builder.

Here are the main differences:

Bluehost Builder (express editor)

  • Available before 2021
  • It does not integrate with WordPress
  • Works for blogs and online stores

Bluehost Builder came out first and is a stand-alone site builder (so it isn’t connected to WordPress). It’s still fully supported for anyone who used it to build their site; however, it's no longer available to customers for new websites. As of the beginning of 2021, new customers will only have the option to use the new Bluehost Website Builder.

Bluehost Website Builder (for WordPress)

  • Available after 2021
  • Integrates with WordPress
  • Can’t build blogs or online stores (yet)

Bluehost Website Builder is our new version of the editor, and it lets you build with WordPress. The functionality of designing and building your site is the same, but you can also edit your site using WordPress. Bluehost Builder. Bluehost Website Builder was released near the beginning of 2021.


Q: What's the benefit of Bluehost Website Builder?

A: We wanted to create a drag-and-drop editor that was super simple to use, but that also gave our customers the almost limitless customization of WordPress. We made Bluehost% Website Builder compatible with WordPress, so you are essentially building in WordPress, but with a more simplified, streamlined interface. Whenever you need to, you can go into the WordPress dashboard, and all your content will be populated there. From there, you can further customize and add functionality to your website.


Q: Can I switch my website from Bluehost Builder to Bluehost Website Editor?

A: Unfortunately, right now, we can't migrate websites from Bluehost Builder to Bluehost Website Editor, but we will continue to support Bluehost Builder.


Q: Can I still work on my website even if I'm on Bluehost Builder?

A: Yes, please keep working on, editing, and publishing your sites in Bluehost Builder. If you want to create a new site using a drag-and-drop editor, please use Bluehost Website Builder.

Important note: While you will be able to continue to manage your site using Bluehost Builder, new sites cannot be created. If you delete your Bluehost Builder site, you will no longer have access to the Bluehost Builder, and you will instead have the option to create a Bluehost Website Builder or a WordPress website.


Q: Can I go back and forth from WordPress to Bluehost Website Builder?

A: Yes, sort of. You can create a website in Bluehost Website Builder and then go to WordPress and customize it. Everything built using Bluehost Website Builder automatically connects to WordPress, so you can use WordPress to further edit and customize your site. However, it doesn't always work the other way around. Because WordPress has a nearly unlimited number of plugins, if you add functionality to your site using WordPress that isn't available in Bluehost Website Builder (an online store, for example), you won't be able to see that specific element if you go back to Bluehost Website Builder.


Q: Can I migrate my Bluehost Website Builder or my Bluehost Builder (Express Editor) on other hosting platforms?

A: Customers can take their content and host elsewhere, but currently, we don't support Bluehost Website Builder sites outside of Bluehost. Due to the relationship between the Builder and the Bluehost platform, no migration process's formally accepted. As for migrating a site in, that's a feature we have also yet to produce. All builder sites are built from "the ground up," and we do not have a method to install the Bluehost Website Builder onto an existing site.

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