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Website Builder (for WordPress) - How to use Call-to-Action (CTA) button

In the BluehostWebsite Builder, there is an option for you to edit the Call to Action (CTA) button from the header of the website. By default, the CTA button is already added. This will allow you to add your phone number so your customer can easily contact you. Apart from that, you can also add a redirect link from your existing web page or third-party website if that's your preference.

How-to access and edit the CTA button

  1. From the upper-right-hand side of the header part of the website. Click the Call button.
  2. Once you click the CTA button, you can change the text. Here is a quick demo:
  3. Apart from changing the text button. You can also update the following:
    • a. Link: This is where you can attach a link of your Phone number, Page, Web address, Email address, Phone number, and Document,
    • b. Text Size: You can adjust the Text font  (small, medium, and large text)
    • c. Button Design: This is where you can edit the button design (Filled or Bordered)
    • d. Color: This option allows you to edit and change the color based on your preference.
    • e. Icon:This is where you can add a button to match the text of the CTA button. Here is a quick demo:
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