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Website Builder (for WordPress) - How to add iFrame in your Website

The iFrame is a method of embedding a particular web page content into your website. This will allow you to add third-party websites, web analytics providers, social media sites, and other content such as videos and images.

How-to add Iframe section

  1. Click the + (Sections) icon from your Website Builder, navigate through All Categories, then select iframe.
  2. Once you selected Iframe, select the block section for you to add the iframe section.
  3. Navigate through Settings from the right-hand side navigation menu.
  4. Under Settings, click URL.
  5. From Embed Link field. Type in the URL you want to embed in your site, then hit Save.
  6. Here's a sample preview of the embedded website in the Iframe section. wb-iframe-preview
  7. To design the Iframe section, click the Background tab, and from here, you can customize the section based on your preference.
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