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What Is W3 Total Cache?

W3 Total Cache (W3TC) is a plugin that helps improve SEO (search engine optimization), assisting the website to reduce load times and optimize web performance for your website's overall user experience. This cache plugin helps your website speed overall and performs at its best to prevent website latency.

In most cases, one caching app that is installed, enabled, and activated is all that is needed. It is recommended not to enable and activate more than one caching plugin at a time, as this may cause adverse effects on your website's optimization and functionality. Cache apps not being used should be disabled, and the plugin uninstalled. When building your WordPress website, view your list of plugins and our blog: Are You Using Too Many WordPress Plugins?

Before You Start — Log in to WordPress Dashboard and Access Plugins

You will need to log in to your WordPress Dashboard and access your Plugins on the left side of WordPress.

WordPress Install Plugin — W3 Total Cache

One way to optimize WordPress is to install W3 Total Cache (W3TC) plugin, which can be done inside your WordPress Dashboard under Plugins.

We recommend the following settings:

  • Page Cache: Enable
  • Page Cache Method: Disk (Enhanced)
  • Database Cache: Disabled
  • Object Cache: Disabled

Optimize WordPress Website Speed and Cache

A slow website can affect your overall visitor's experience. It's always recommended to keep your website files (scripts, databases, plugins, etc.) up to date and every so often perform maintenance, updates, and optimize your website. To make your website more efficient, check out our article on 12 best WordPress plugins to take your site to the next level. Should you have any trouble choosing which plugins to use, explore our separate article on how to pick and use the right plugins.

Additionally, view this blog about '5 fundamental ways to improve site speed' by checking out How to Make My WordPress Site Faster: 5 Easy Tips + 8 Bonus Ideas. For additional tips as you build the website in WordPress, follow the steps in this blog How To Clear Your WordPress Cache and Why You Should to enhance the website.


Enhance your WordPress website's performance and speed with a cache plugin, one option is W3 Total Cache (W3TC) plugin. This caching plugins is a comprehensive solution to reduce load times and improve user experience. This guide covers the essentials of installing W3TC, recommended settings like enabling Page Cache and disabling Database and Object Cache to ensure optimal speed, and maintaining a plugin's initial setup.

Looking for more options to optimize your website? Other options for optimizing WordPress websites include this guide: WP Super Cache.

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