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  • Domain WHOIS Update and Verification

    As the domain's registrar, we're required to verify accuracy in the contact information provided. This information is then included on your domain's record in the public WHOIS database, as required by ICANN.

  • Domain Transfer Troubleshooting

    There are multiple reasons why a domain transfer may fail. This article explains several reasons why your transfer may be unsuccessful and what you can do to fix it.

  • How to Renew Your Domain

    You domain names will need to be renewed periodically. Typically, this is on a 5 or 10 year basis. This article explains what happens after a domain expires and how domain registration can be renewed.

  • Transfer Domain Ownership

    In addition to regulating inter-registrar transfers for general top-level domains (gTLDs), the updated policy sets new requirements for transfers between registrants. This article explains how to transfer domains.

  • How To Assign a Domain Name - A Record, Name Servers, HTML Page

    We do not limit which domain extensions you may host with us; simply add them to the Domain Manager. This guide will show you how to assign a domain name to your hosting account once logged in.

  • Domain Redemption

    When your domain expires, it remains renewable without penalty for a period of time, then enters 'redemption'. This article provides information about the domain cycle and redemption period.

  • How To Change Your Primary Domain

    To change your primary domain name, simply contact us by phone or chat, and be prepared to provide the current primary domain, the new primary domain and the last four of your password ready.

  • How To Unassign a Domain Name

    The primary domain on your account cannot be removed; however, any addon domains can be unassigned. This article explains how to unassign a domain name from your account.

  • Redirecting a Domain Name

    Redirects allow you to make a specific web page redirect to another page and display the contents of that page. Learn how to setup a Permanent (301) or Temporary (302) redirects.

  • How To Transfer a Domain Name To Us

    You can transfer the following domain extensions to us: com, net, org, us, co, info, and biz. This article explains the process to transfer your domain registration to us.

  • About Domain Names

    Learn more about what a domain name is and how to put it to work for you.

  • How Much Does A Domain Name Cost? Prices Of Domains / TLD's

    A good domain name is the first step in helping people find your website or websites. You can purchase multiple domains to direct to the same site, or you can use them for additional websites.

  • Domain Coupon

    Why does my Domain name show it will expire in only 1 year even though I paid for a three year account?

  • Domain Dispute Policy

    As the registrar, we will assist in a domain dispute, providing specific criteria is met. This article will explain the criteria required and the process that will be followed in domain disputes.

  • How To Activate Newly Registered Domain - New Domain Name Inactive

    If you have already registered and/or assigned your domain and don't notice any change, this article will cover some possible reasons your newly parked domain may not be functioning properly yet.

  • What Is Domain Privacy Protection?

    Contact information is required for every domain owner to be publicly listed in the WHOIS. Privacy replaces your information with generic details to protect you from unwanted solicitations.

  • How To Transfer a Domain Name To A New Registrar

    This article explains how to prepare your domain to be transferred to a new registrar. You'll initiate the transfer itself with the gaining registrar, but there are a few things you can do to ensure the process goes smoothly.

  • Domain vs. Hosting

    What is the difference between a domain registration and web hosting?

  • Domain Name FAQ

    Domain names can be tricky to understand and manage. This article will include some of the most frequently asked questions about managing domain names. Learn about how to make the most of your name.

  • Setting up Multiple Domains to Point to the Same Directory

    Can I have multiple domains pointing to my site or to a directory on my site? Yes! And this article will walk you through the process of getting them set up to do so.

  • PHP Configuration for Addon Domain

    To use specific php settings only for a particular addon domain you will need to place a php.ini file in the addon domain's folder. This article explains how to adjust the php settings specifically for an addon Domain

  • How To Host Primary Domain From A Subfolder htaccess

    How do I make a sub directory (or sub folder) act as the public_html for your main domain?

  • Domain Manager Access without Hosting Account

    How can I manage my domains if I no longer have a hosting account?

  • Builder - How to Connect a Domain

    When you're ready to publish, Builder will assign your site a temporary URL. You can assign a custom domain name (if you own one) at this time or later on. This article explains how for both options.

  • Website Builder (for WordPress) - How to Connect a Domain

    There are a few different ways to connect your website to a domain so that people can find it online. This article will walk you through the process of assigning a domain name to your website.

  • WordPress: Manually Changing your Domain

    There are various methods available for changing your WordPress URL. This article will explain how to change your WordPress URL's from within your Control Panel without using WordPress Tools.

  • Restrict Access to Addon Domains through the Main Domain

    I do not want to see How do I set my account up to restrict access to any subdomains or addon domains? This article explain the process.

  • Resellers: Configuring Nameservers for your Main Domain

    This article will provide instructions and settings for using Your Custom Name Servers for Domains Registered With a Third Party.

  • Microsoft 365 - Verify Third-Party Domain Names

    To use Microsoft 365 through us, your domain will need to use specific DNS settings. This article will explain how to verify your domain so that it works properly with the service.

  • How Do I Register a Name for My Website?

    A domain name is an important part of your website's online presence. It's how potential visitors will remember you, so choose wisely. This article explains how to select and register a domain name.

  • How to Connect a Domain Registered Elsewhere

    If your domain is registered with a different company (registrar), there are several ways to connect your domain to your hosting account here. In this article we'll cover how to point your nameservers.

  • FTP for Addon Domains and Subdomains

    How do I FTP to my addon domains and subdomains without interfering with my main account.

  • Where to Upload Files for an Addon Domain

    I have setup a pointed/addon domain, where should I upload the files for this domain? Each Addon Domain is assigned to a directory on your account. This directory is typically a subdirectory in your public_html.

  • Domain Privacy Protection for .CA Domains

    Due to .CA requirements and limitations, changes to privacy settings must be made by our domain support staff. This article explains more about how to request updates to your .CA domain.

  • How to Manage Hosting and Domain for your Clients' Sites

    This article will guide you on how to manage your clients’ hosting account, including domains.

  • What Is the Difference Between Addon Domain, Parked Domain & Subdomain?

    Learn the difference between addon, parked, and subdomains. This article explains the purpose of and differences between each.

  • Domain Privacy Protection for .US

    Due to a Registry policy we cannot offer privacy for .us Domains. On August 1, 2008 we were required by the .us Registry to remove privacy on all .us domains.

  • SiteLock: Verifying Domain and Account Information

    You will need to verify your domain and account information with SiteLock. This article will explain the process of verifying a domain and account information for a SiteLock account.

  • How can I Enable or Disable Domain Privacy Protection for .UK Domains?

    I need to update my privacy settings for my .UK domain name. What is required to modify Domain Privacy for a .UK domain? This article provides information about how Privacy can be enabled or disabled.

  • SSL/TLS Certificates for Addon Domains

    You are able to install an SSL certificate on any domain in your cPanel account, including addon domains. This article will describe how to install SSL Certificates to an Addon Domain.

  • Difference between domain forwarding and masking?

    This article discusses about the difference of domain forwarding and domain masking.

  • How to handle a hacked domain?

    This article provides steps on handling a hacked domain

  • Premium Domain Names

    Premium Domains are domains that are already registered by a third party and are offered for sale by the current owner via our partnership with Afternic/NameMedia or by the registry directly.

  • How To Enable and Disable the Domain Privacy and Protection

    This article will walk you through how to enable and disable domain privacy and protection inside Bluehost's control panel.

  • Request Account and/or Domain Ownership

    If you are unable to validate your account, have lost your password and are unable to receive a password reset or validation token due to the email address on file being inaccessible, If you are attempting to make updates to the domains, contact information and do not have access to the listed registrant email address on file to accept the changes: You will need to reach out to our Ownership team for assistance.

  • How to Assign a Domain from One Account to Another Account

    This article will walk you through moving a domain name already associated with another account with us.

  • Professional Email - How to Create a Mailbox Using External Domain Name

    In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating a mailbox using your professional email plan, even if your domain name is registered with another company.

  • Professional Email - How to Create a Mailbox Using a Domain Registered with Us

    In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating a mailbox using your professional email plan.

  • Directory Index

    There is a .htaccess code which allows you to specify the file which loads as your default page whenever anyone types your domain name. This article explains the DirectoryIndex and how to use it.

  • WordPress: Move Site to New Directory

    This article will explain how to move your WordPress website from one folder to another within your hosting account.