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Process Manager Overview

The Process Manager allows you to view and manage a list of your websites current running processes.

Note: Bluehost is a shared webhost. Because you share the server processor time with your neighbors, Bluehost limits the number of total processes you can run on the server at one time. Legacy users are allowed to run 20 concurrent processes, while Rock users will have the ability to run 25 concurrent processes. If you attempt to run more than your plan's allowed concurrent processes, your website may not display properly.

The Process Manager tool is only available in Legacy accounts. Rock users will not see a Process Manager tool.

To use your Process Manager:

  1. Log in to your Bluehost cPanel account.
  2. Under the cPanel find the Advanced menu.
  3. Click on the Process Manager icon.
  4. This will take you to your Process Manager Menu. If you do not have any processes running, you will not see information in the box.
    • If the menu (Process ID, Process Name, Running Since, and Action) displays a list of of around 20 processes that are running then you most likely have several stalled processes that are no longer functioning properly.
    • Examine the processes list closely before beginning to kill the processes. You will want to make sure they are not vital processes that if killed could cause additional harm to your system.
    • The most common reason for processes stalling comes from php files. Often times these php files are several days old and failed to execute. If you wish to kill these processes:
        • Kill Process: This option should kill your processes automatically. If you attempt the Kill Process command and it fails, you can also try Force Kill Process.
        • Note: Use the Force Kill Process option with EXTREME CAUTION as this tool can cause serious damage to vital processes.
          • Example: If there are MySQL processes running and the normal Kill Process failed then running the "Force Kill Process" could lead to issues such as database corruption and failure.
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