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Office 365: Logging in to Office 365

Users can log in to their account from their Bluehost dashboard or directly through Microsoft.

Before logging in for the first time, multi-factor authentication will need to be set up. Once set up, each user should log in and set up two-factor authentication. Please see Office 365: Multi-Factor Authentication if this has not been done yet.

Logging in through your Dashboard

To log in to your Office 365 account, click Launch Office 365 from the Office 365 management dashboard within your Bluehost account.


  1. Once logged in, click the Email & Office tab from the side menu on the left.
  2. From the Email & Office page, open Office 365 by selecting Manage.

    Some users may automatically be routed to the Office 365 management dashboard and can skip this step

  3. Click Launch Office 365.
  4. Users will then need to enter their username (the Office 365 email address they created) and their password.

Logging in through Microsoft

  1. Navigate directly to Microsoft's Login Portal.
  2. Users will then need to enter their username (the Office 365 email address they created) and their password.

NOTE: if it’s the first time a user is logging in to Microsoft, they will need to use the temporary password provided during account setup.

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