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Giving open source the power of Bluehost

We are built on Open Source

By using open source technology, we prove that we are better suited to help our customers who value solutions with open source technology.

Committed to Open Source

Open Source is the backbone of Bluehost. So to give back to the Open Source community, we work hand in hand with developers to leverage our resources and expertise toward helping their software thrive. Our new Bluehost Open Source Services (BOSS) program helps both established and upcoming projects gain immediate support from the world's largest and best hosting provider.

Industry-Leading Technology

We operate our own data center, monitored 24/7 by our on-site professional admin team. Coupled with our fully-customized linux kernel, we control every aspect of our hardware and software. And with a vast development team with experience optimizing over 80 open source platforms, Bluehost is the world's leading solution for Open Source implementation and development.

Best End User Experience

Bluehost brings open source to everyone. One-click installation with SimpleScripts makes any Open Source software ready to use in mere seconds. And more people recommend Bluehost than any other hosting provider. All hosting terms are non-contractual and include an any-time money-back guarantee. Our in-house support team is available 24/7 via phone, chat and email. Help your users enjoy every aspect of their online experience with Bluehost.

Bluehost + WordPress Drupal Joomla Open Source

We give back to the open source community. We are grateful for the the many people who graciously made it possible for us to help our customers.

the benefits of open source

Bluehost is built on Open Source and has long supported the Open Source community to help it thrive. The Bluehost Open Source Service (BOSS) now streamlines these efforts into a single program making it even faster and easier for Open Source to leverage the power of Bluehost.

Affiliate Program

100% of all proceeds are donated back to the Open Source Project for the first year. Bluehost places NO limits on the number of referrals we will accept.

One-Click Installation

Referred customers are pointed to a direct path for installation of your Open Source project. And with instant integration with SimpleScripts, your software receives instant exposure to over 1 million SimpleScript customers. Get instant exposure to over 1 million SimpleScripts users.

Unique Landing Page

Promote your software with a customized landing page on, unique to your Open Source project. alone receives 450,000+ unique visitors daily!

Event Support

Bluehost employs a robust, full-time staff of administrators and developers with experience implementing and supporting over 80 Open Source applications. Obtain direct access to the team of administrators and developers and receive the best feedback in the industry.

Training Videos

Utilize custom high-quality training videos to demonstrate installation, setup, and initial use of the Open Source software.

Forum Participation

Members of the Bluehost team will actively monitor forums mentioning your Open Source software on Bluehost and respond with tailored support and assistance.


With your software on SimpleScripts, you gain developer access allowing you to monitor and track installations, upgrades, uninstalls, and even response data as to why software was removed.

and much more...

  • Host your main product site and mirrors
  • Display a "Preferred Partner" icon
  • Instant access to a SimpleScripts developer account
  • Bluehost Webinars and trainings on your software
  • Flexibility to ensure your Open Source software success

At Your Service

Our in-house team is on hand 24/7 to not only solve technical issues, but to offer the guidance you need to succeed online. Give us a ring.

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