Adding The Details: Customizing Your WordPress Theme

When you select your WordPress theme, you are not only given the chance to design your site but to incorporate essential tools like your brand colors and logo. Themes can be customized in a number of basic ways right from the WordPress admin dashboard. Users without any coding experience can make essential changes needed to personalize their theme. You can add a custom header, change background images, and choose among preloaded options for changing fonts, font sizes, and colors.

Although these changes can easily add a custom look to an existing theme, you are limited to making only the changes that the existing theme allows. For more elaborate customizing, users need to look to a theme’s style sheets—the cascading style sheets (CSS) that define all the parameters of the theme. If you are an advanced user and would like to customize more elaborately, you’ll need to look into a theme’s style sheets. These themes are stored in the site’s “wp-content/themes,” folder.

Creating a WordPress theme is a complex process involving some technical expertise. That’s a process many new users may not want to undertake. Luckily, there are hundreds of free WordPress themes are available in the WordPress directory—and more are constantly being created and sold by third-party designers. Themes are designed to be user-friendly and customizable “out of the box,” for beginning users, but if those options don’t reflect your vision for your WordPress website, it’s possible to make your own theme—or make an existing theme your own.

Naming Your Website

To name your site:

  1. Click on “Appearance.”
  2. Then click on “Customize.”

After you select “Customize,” you will see your active theme.
Select “Site title/tagline/logo.

You can then name your site and write a description of the site.

Adding Your Site Logo

A logo is an image such as corporate symbol, emblem, or brand for your site. WordPress makes it easy to incorporate your logo on your website by utilizing the Media Library within your theme. The Media Library can be easily located to the left of your WordPress admin dashboard. This is where you will add images, videos, and other media files to be used throughout your site.

  1. Click “Select Image,” to open the Media Library.
  2. Select an image from it or upload a new image from the “Upload Files” tab screen and click “Choose Logo,” at the bottom right.
  3. Click “Remove,” or “Change Logo,” to remove or change a logo image.

Having personalized branding is important to help users be familiar with the tone and voice of your site. If you don’t have a custom logo, online tools like Canva, Stencil, and Snappa are a great resource to help create your own images. Let your site come to life with customizations that reflect your unique brand that your visitors will love.

Have you customized your site? Let us know in the comments below!

Desiree Johnson
Desiree Johnson | Content Specialist
Desiree Johnson is a Content Specialist at Bluehost where she writes helpful guides and articles, teaches webinars and assists with other marketing and WordPress community work.

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